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  1. Thanks for the reply, but if you've tried HandyShopper, you would know that it's much more than a shopping app, it's basically a (powerful) generic database/listing app by itself.


  2. DAE51D

    DAE51D Well-Known Member

    HandyShopper is one of the few killer apps that keeps me using PalmOS. I traded up my Treo 650 for a Centro recently, rather than an Android or WebOS phone because of this app. Last I read, he was kind of a ____ about porting it though. He used to have some snippity comment about "it's only for PalmOS and Windows, don't even ask about other PDAs" or something to that effect. Maybe he's since changed his mind.
  3. tranzz

    tranzz Well-Known Member

    Contact Search+
    Power Search

    I'd have bought another Treo on ebay and pitched my droid if it weren't for these 4 apps.

    I'd never heard of "gesture search", or "google gesture", or whatever it actually is named,,, until just now on this thread. I'll look at it. MobileWrite is kinda strange on the droid, but useful. The developer sure isn't an old-time Palmy, but I'm hoping he'll make some changes or options so it can be configured like the Visors, Pilots, Tungstens, and Clie's used to be.

    It seems like Google is leaning toward voice recognition over handwriting recognition in Android, but I'd argue that VR shouldn't (and can't) take the place of HR. Still these devices are being sold (and bought) as phones, as opposed to PDAs. Steve Jobs still faces little competition in many respects.
  4. (G)

    (G) Well-Known Member

    What's interesting to me is that I was a die-hard MobileWrite fan, having come from a Treo, until I discovered Swype. I swear, the day I discovered that, probably 2-3 months ago, I never used Mobile Write again. And I've only used the pull-out keyboard on my Moto Droid once.

    Swype is hands-down the beat app on Android. Maybe *someday* it'll get out of beta.
  5. rcyphermd

    rcyphermd Well-Known Member

    what is contacts search + ? I cannot find it.
  6. rcyphermd

    rcyphermd Well-Known Member

    where can I get swype?
  7. (G)

    (G) Well-Known Member

    Do a search in this forum.

    To the best of my knowledge, there was an "unofficial, leaked" beta floating around, then Swype opened up an "official" beta program to a certain number of people, then closed it again.

    However, I've read that there are still "unofficial, leaked" beta sites around.
  8. twrock

    twrock Member

    Yes! Swype has made my device significantly more "user-friendly". I do not miss Graffiti (either 1 or 2) any more. I don't know how long the beta will last, but I will be in a serious funk if it expires before I can buy the final product. (Swype developers, please don't do that to me!)

    Incidentally, Calendar Pad and the Smooth Calendar widget have become my primary scheduling tools. Still, the overly minimal options inherent in the Android appointment scheduler (which I still have to use) are a pain. I hate the limits on Reminder times. I have to jump from three hours to 12 and from 2 days to one week, nothing in between. That field needs way more flexibility than that for me to be happy.

    Did that possibly get updated in the 2.1 OS version? Is there any hope of Google doing it right, or must I continue to hope some good third-party app solves these issue for them?
  9. (G)

    (G) Well-Known Member

    Continue to hope, because it didn't get updated.:(

    I'm in the process right now of testing out Gemini calendar, which is in beta, simply because it allows for an alarm "On time" and then the usual array of "5 minutes before, 10 minutes before, etc." But like the stock app, there are only a "set" number of options.

    Take a look at it -- I'm liking what I see right now, although it, too, isn't a perfect replacement for the Palm calendar.
  10. The Calendar API and such are NOT yet officially opened nor well-documented, that's one of the reasons why you don't see alot of alternatives except for various widgets out there.

    I'm still hoping for something like Datebk and HandyShopper.

  11. katahdin

    katahdin Well-Known Member

    Still can't cut and paste and other editing functions as in the palm. Does anyone have a link to some tips on how to cut & paste?

    Actually I have a hard time doing any editing at all ! Swype makes it great for entering notes, but if you need to make changes or re-format - I get very frustrated.

    Also I had several spreadsheets and text files that I saved (updated) via sysnc to my palm. I used then as reference files where it was easy to search for an entry, idea, status etc. I can't seem to find an appropriate app to replace that function.

    Any ideas ? Thanks
  12. (G)

    (G) Well-Known Member

    Swype has a full editing screen. On the "official" beta, you just swipe from the Swype key to the ABC key, and you get that editing menu, with cursor movement, cut, paste, copy, etc. Extremely easy.

    Have you tried Docs to Go for your spreadsheet and text files? The free version will read Excel spreadsheets, Word docs, Powerpoint presentations, etc. The paid version will let you write those types of files.
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  13. katahdin

    katahdin Well-Known Member

    OMG (G) !! Thank you so much - TWICE !! I didn't read the swype faqs etc - I found that I was using the screen KB - native or swype and seldom using the physical keyboard. Actually the only time was to use arrow keys / copy etc and I almost always messed up by hitting some wrong key or something !

    I have just been stubborn re DOG :eek:

    I had wanted to use native stuff but will give it a try ! Thanks -
  14. (G)

    (G) Well-Known Member

    Glad to help! After I discovered Swype I did the same thing as you: the only time I used the physical keyboard was to move the cursor around. Once I discovered Swype's editing screen, I've never used the physical keyboard again. -Gerry
  15. MommaLisa

    MommaLisa New Member

    I just found a way to "TAB". It was Alt + X. The alt version of that key says its "TAP". Not much logic here but that's what I get.
  16. For those who're interested in REAL local sync, Mark/Space has just posted a beta which syncs your Outlook Calendar and Notes to their own Android apps (Fliq Calendar and Fliq Notes).

    Missing Sync for Android 1.4.0 beta for WINDOWS available

    Fliq Calendar, at first sight, looks identical to the built-in Calendar app. But I'm not sure if it's good to divert from the built-in calendar database, which could pose compatibility issues down the road. I prefer the way DateBk worked on Palm - To extend the database instead of replacing it.

    OTOH, Google doesn't, as of writing, seem to provide an official API for that through.

    Let's see if Froyo will change that.
  17. balpers

    balpers Active Member

    I just downloaded the desktop version of Pimlical and have it running successfully on a Windows 7 and an XP machine. It is outstanding. The Google sync is seamless and fast. It can also be set to sync automatically when the program loads.

    If the Android version is as good as DateBK5 on the Palm, it will be a real winner.

  18. Anybody has any news about Datebk on Android? Q1 is about to end soon...
  19. njperry

    njperry Well-Known Member

    Well, I finally took the plunge on 4/29/10. I am now able to leave my Palm Centro at home and just rely on my new Droid Incredible for everything and more. Here is my experience in making the transition:

    1. Contacts & Calendar: I thought this would be as simple as syncing my palm with Outlook and then exporting as CSV, to then import to Google. After trying for a few hours to get my Centro to sync properly with Outlook instead of Palm Desktop, I gave up. Maybe it's just because I recently moved to Windows 7 instead of XP, I don't know. But I finally just downloaded CompanionLink and it was the easiest thing ever! I even had it transfer my memos, which it put in Contacts with an [M] before each one, even though I planned to use a NoteEverything later on. A week and a half later, I have yet to find a calendar item or contact that was messed up, but maybe it's too soon to tell for sure.

    2. Yaps password data: I am using Secrets for Android because I read good things about it and it allowed me to successfully import my csv file from Yaps.

    3. LDS Scriptures: Reveal is an awesome program and does so much more than what MarkMyScriptures was capable of.

    4. MyCar for Palm: aCar allowed me to import my data successfuly using a csv file also. I now have my 5 years worth of maintenance and gas fill-up data for both vehicles on my new device. Very very happy about this.

    5. Memos: I am still debating this one. I am half thinking I may just stay with CompanionLink's solution of having my Memos in the phone Contacts app. I can easily scroll through them, search, edit, and they sync with Gmail. However, I don't really like doing any editing in the People app, whether it's contacts or memos, it just does not feel easy. I have installed NoteEverything but have not imported my memos yet, but I probably will this week.

    What's left: I still need to find a personal health record app for Android, like ProfileMD, but there does not seem to be any. Also, I need to decide on a music player, only because the built-in one does not do Bookmarks, for when I listen to audio books.

    All in all, as much as I loved Palm and wanted to stay loyal to them, I am glad I made the switch to Android and have no reason to look back. I hear so many complaints about the Calendar app on Android, but I don't see the big deal. Yes, it's not as easy as it was on Palm, but I don't find it to be that bad. One thing I like on Android is that I can have my phone in silent mode when I go to bed, so that notifications, messages, and email pop-ups don't wake me up, but my wake-up alarm still sounds in the morning. Oh, and my wife can add things to my calendar using shared Google Calendar.
  20. WebEtToile

    WebEtToile Member

  21. It looks promising but is clearly an alpha build and not suitable for mass consumption yet.

    Look forward to a release version on the Market.

  22. kalamesa

    kalamesa New Member

    if any of you have used datebook 6. and are a fan as am I.. they are working on an answer .. for palm to Google..... install a replacement for datebook to the treo.. and it looks like it then writes to google calendar memo's and contacts..
    they have a free trial download see their web site :
    Pimlical - An advanced calendar and PIM application designed for multiple platforms

    google datebook6 or go to

    Pimlico Software home page
  23. We want Datebk on our Android, not just moving the data... :D
  24. twrock

    twrock Member

    The thing that kills me is that Google (Gmail) Calendar has plenty of flexibility and is sufficient to satisfy me. BUT, not so with the Android Calendar app.

    Something as common as the "repetition" settings. Sure on Android I can set and appointment to repeat daily, but I can't set an end date! That's just "basic" IMHO. You need to be able to tell it when to stop.

    Google Calendar app? No problem. I can pick an exact end date. I can set the alarm for 90 minutes (vs. 45 min, 1 hour, 2 hours, etc.). I can have the daily repetition set for three days only. And after the appointment syncs over to my phone, all of that data is maintained, as it should be, even though I couldn't have entered it that way on my phone. In Google Calendar, I can even set a single event in that repeated series to have a 93 minute reminder and leave the others at 90 and have it show up that way in my Android Calendar app. That's plenty flexible!

    So obviously the problem is not the way the data is stored , but the artificial limits set by the Android Calendar app for entry. So I have to believe it can't be too hard to make a truly flexible and usable Calendar app replacement that still uses the built-in database, if only someone would do it.

    lobug is right. It's the Android Calendar app that is the problem. I've got plenty of desktop and cloud solutions.

    This is still my single biggest gripe about my Android device. And people moving from Palm to Android should know that limit exists, or they might be very disappointed (like me). :(

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