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Front-Facing Camera Doesn't WorkSupport

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  1. antnonymous

    antnonymous New Member

    When I select the front-facing camera, it pauses for a few seconds before a warning pops up saying "Camera failed." Hitting "OK" takes me back to my homescreen.

    I'm pretty certain that this is due to water damage because it started happening after I accidentally swam with it in the ocean... This is the only damage I've witnessed after I saved it by submerging it in alcohol and then leaving it in rice for 2 days. The water damage gauge on the phone and battery are both pretty red lol

    Is the camera's connection pretty much fried? Or is there a slim chance or getting it to work again?

  2. lolsuz

    lolsuz New Member

    ... without the water. My camera worked fine for weeks and then suddenly the front-facing camera started giving an error code and the camera app would close down and I'd be returned to the home screen. This started just weeks after I got the phone; everything else is fine otherwise. Any ideas?
  3. GabbyABaby

    GabbyABaby New Member

    I have the same problem, so instead of getting my phone carrier involved I just went straight to Samsung and they offered to fix the problem for free :) This was my last resort after rebooting, popping the battery in and out, taking out the SD card, and my sim card.

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