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  1. amarryat

    amarryat Well-Known Member

    I just noticed today that the default for the front facing camera is to act like a mirror. I noticed it because the writing on my shirt was as if I were looking in a mirror.

    So I decided to turn off mirror mode so that the writing would be readable, and not only does it flip horizontally, the picture flips vertically. I would say this is a bug because now I am seeing myself upside down.

    Does anyone else see this strange behavior?

  2. anguish

    anguish Well-Known Member

    Checked and confirmed on mine. Interesting issue. I hadn't noticed that before, but I rarely use the front camera.
  3. Lespaul20

    Lespaul20 Well-Known Member

    It is oriented correctly when in landscape. How do things like this get missed?

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