Front Facing Camera shown in Galaxy S User Guide

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  1. iploya

    iploya Well-Known Member

    I was just glancing at the User Guide for the Galaxy S posted on the Samsung forum. It clearly shows a front-facing camera, labeled as such:

    SAMSUNG mobile - GALAXY S#


    - Getting Started
    - Get to know your device

    What the heck? Where's mine!? :eek:

  2. vapor311

    vapor311 Well-Known Member

    say thank you ATT ;)
  3. lotreaglesfan

    lotreaglesfan Well-Known Member

    also you can slightly blame apple... ;)
  4. vapor311

    vapor311 Well-Known Member

  5. DT

    DT Well-Known Member

    The same think happened with the Tilt/Tilt2 at AT&T, where the non-US versions of the HTC 8925 had a FFC that was removed.

    Funny enough though, there were sources to buy the camera and a replacement front fascia, which combined with a custom ROM flash made it totally operational.
  6. dshinnick

    dshinnick New Member

    I'm getting mine on Verizon, and, darn, no camera.
  7. Dlux

    Dlux Member

    Isn't that picture the Euro version of the Galaxy S? They have that home button in the bottom center. They did get lucky with that.
  8. qwertyaas

    qwertyaas Well-Known Member

    Galaxy S and another version have FFC I believe. Same with AT&T version not having Flash.

    The phone supports and has it, just was gutted out for the AT&T release.
  9. Dlux

    Dlux Member

    Yeah, heaven forbid it compete with their precious Iphone4.
  10. SeriousBizznass

    SeriousBizznass Well-Known Member

    Also, you have a Captivate, which is a Galaxy S phone. You don't have a Galaxy S.
  11. p1gnone

    p1gnone Active Member

    what a rube I am... I thought that I would get around to figuring it out, only to find that mother T has repressed my phone's capabilities.
  12. CrimsonPride

    CrimsonPride Well-Known Member

    oh my goodness i am so tired of people crying over att and no front facing camera. if you dont like it get rid of the phone. I know several people with iphone4's and not a single one has used the front facing camera, if it is a necessity for you then buy an iphone or go to sprint
  13. EvilPlots

    EvilPlots Active Member

    Seriously, this phone has far too many advantages over the iphone too worry about a front facing 1.3 megapixel camera.
  14. BigCiX

    BigCiX Well-Known Member

    Front facing is overrated. My wife never used it on her iphone and she has no intentions. The camera that's a different story.
  15. novagator

    novagator Well-Known Member

    That's the I9000. It's not just ATT, I'm pretty sure none of the American versions have it. Who cares? It's a cute novelty, but beyond that, I would never ever use the thing.
  16. mesasone

    mesasone Well-Known Member

    The Epic 4G on Sprint has it... they have by far the most feature packed phone: Front facing camera, flash, dedicated camera button, slide out keyboard, etc - but their phone isn't nearly as sexy as the captivate, and they have less internal memory - only 1 geebee I think.
  17. yahoowizard

    yahoowizard Well-Known Member

    Slide-out keyboard didn't work too well for me. Keys are pretty small on it and with Swype, I can't even type on my iphone keyboard much anymore since I'm still trying to Swype through the letters with no success.
  18. ComradeQuestion

    ComradeQuestion Well-Known Member

    seriously the epic is the only one with a FFC it has a keyboard too was that ATT's fault? lol the vibrant has no camera or flash. so perhaps it wasnt just ATT?

    but lets all hang tight with any luck the iphone exclusivity will end in january and ATT will open up to android.

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