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  1. monayindabank

    monayindabank New Member

    yo guys i have a samsung captivate galaxy s and it has what looks like a camera on the front at the top by the ear speaker if its not a front facing camera what is it? and if it is how can i use it???:confused:

  2. justiyad

    justiyad Well-Known Member

    I think the Captivate does not have a front facing camera, it might be the proximity sensor or the light sensor you are looking at.
  3. ericbab

    ericbab New Member

    My Galaxy S (GT-I9000M) has a FF camera, it is located exactly 1cm right of the edge of the ear speaker.
    There are sensors on the left side of the ear speakers as well.

    - Eric
  4. psommerfeld

    psommerfeld Active Member

    To use the FF cam, go into the Camera app, and press the icon that looks like a "rotate camera". Voila!

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