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Froyo 2.2 draining Battery on Samsung I5800Support

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  1. Amitprsingh

    Amitprsingh Member

    I recently upgraded my Samsung I5800 to Android Froyo 2.2 (I5800XXJPB) with ODIN. Since Samsung hasn't release and update from Eclair officially, and from the likes of it, they might never.
    My battery seems to drain everyday since the upgrade and I have to keep recharging. I spend like 10-15mins on the phone talking, and the battery icon becomes red after.
    I've even taken off "Background Services and Syncing". I can't see how a phone can drain so much power in such a short time. I was reasonable in Eclair.

    Is there something in Froyo 2.2 that is affecting the I5800?
    Did I miss something?
    Can this be fixed in someway while keeping Froyo?

  2. antientropy

    antientropy New Member

    I too upgraded yesterday from Eclair to Froyo on Samsung i5800 (I5800XXJPB with ODIN), and I too have the same problem that something is draining the battery. I have now already charged the battery twice. The first time battery usage report said that Display had used over 90 % of the battery. The second time it said that Gallery had used over 80 %. As far as I know Gallery should only exist in Application Stack, not as service, so I don't understand how it could drain the whole battery.

    I'm posting again later on when I see whether it is again the Gallery that is draining the battery or something else. All tips and advice are much appreciated!
  3. Amitprsingh

    Amitprsingh Member

    I've since downgraded to Eclair 2.1 and my battery life is 10times improved. So that eliminates the long chance it was the battery itself going bad.

    Strange thing however, before I downgraded, I Factory Reset the phone and instantly gained almost 40% battery life. But when I made a call, it dropped back down to the critical level.

    So I'm wondering if it's a mis-calculation in "Froyo" for battery life with this phone?
    Nevertheless, calls were sounding choppy in Froyo so I still downgraded.
    Battery improved, calls sounding clear.

    I'll miss Froyo though. Hopefully I can upgrade again if I get a fix.
  4. antientropy

    antientropy New Member

    I flashed my phone to I5800XXJPF and the battery draining problem seems to have vanished. There's no improvment in battery life compared to Eclair (not worse either) but at least nothing suspicious is draining the whole battery.

    edit: typos
  5. m.suresh.ssn

    m.suresh.ssn New Member

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