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FroYo 2.2 for Legend

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  1. Sarahnya

    Sarahnya Active Member

    I emailed them through their website just for the hell of it and this is the reply I got:

    "In regards to updates on the HTC Legend

    At this time there is no information on updates for your device. Any information will be available via are website at www.htc.com/support"

    Not terribly helpful.

  2. parker09

    parker09 Well-Known Member

  3. p0is0n87

    p0is0n87 Member

    i've tried that, it's very unstable. i get force close everytime i go setting. damn! seriously, who needs froyo when they announce htc desire hd.
  4. HpX

    HpX Member

    Not everyone would have a brick in their pockets :)

    Btw: Im running Azure 1.0.1 with LauncherPro Plus, Clock'd to 768, and i have no problem at all..
  5. p0is0n87

    p0is0n87 Member

    don't you get force close sometimes? hmm, i've seen people talking about how unstable it is.
  6. mgillespie

    mgillespie Well-Known Member

    Me, I hate big phones. I have no wish for a Desire or an iPhone.

    The Legend is perfect for me. A little bit bigger than a regular phone, but with smartphone abilities.

    The Legend is easilly the best allrounder on the market, bar none,. Sure there may be better phones for specific needs, but as an allrounder, the Legend is the phone to beat.

    I'm desperate to get Froyo, I have run out of space on my phones internal memory! and the 2.1 Sense bugs are driving me mad. Particularly the countrycode look-up problem, the flakiness of Peep not logging in and the texting app listing back to front.
  7. HpX

    HpX Member

    It is quite stable, but I've switched back to Rodriguez Style MoDaCoMoD Rom. I missed the htc widgets :)
  8. p0is0n87

    p0is0n87 Member

    i've tried it, the azure 1.0.1. its stable, don't know why it was unstable when i installed it the previous time. anyway, i can't download the official flash player from adobe. anyone got any idea if unofficial rom can download the adobe flash player? my market don't have it, regardless paid or free.
  9. HpX

    HpX Member

    U can download from her: How To: Install Flash 10.1 On Android 2.1 Eclair Devices

    Ps: It's works on android 2.1 only, when you install flash 10.1 on froyo the browser will force close.
  10. stewy

    stewy Well-Known Member

    Download Handcent from the market.. it's an SMS app, it fixed my 'texts in the wrong order' problem... it's a pretty great app too!
  11. jhaunton

    jhaunton New Member

    Perhaps now that Win7phone is out there HTC can put focus on the Android 2.2 roll out...
  12. MitchyCLegend

    MitchyCLegend New Member

    Its not so much we all just want froyo we need it to fix the hansets, on myne i cant get to messaging because when i click on it i get taken to facebook and music takes me to weather and apparently vodafone cant do anything about it!
  13. Tiddy

    Tiddy Active Member

    I want 2.2 now because I need the option of moving the stored apps to SD card, I've run out of memory!

    Handcent is awesome! 2.1 bugs aren't really that bad & theres generally a way around them, but I deffo recommend ROOTing your phone, it's so much better...Just handles day to day tasks with ease. It looks geeky to DIY, but it's not that hard for an intermediate computer user. Just search for the guides on here, xda forums & at the unlockr.com ;)

    But I need more memory... NOW! :'(
  14. duncano74

    duncano74 New Member

  15. dublevay

    dublevay Active Member

  16. vrrooom

    vrrooom New Member

    The rooted ones i think..lol
  17. matsukatse

    matsukatse New Member

    Froyo i think means FROzen YOghurt.
  18. wwwald

    wwwald New Member

    New twitter message from Mark Moons:

    'Legend eigenaren met trek in bevroren Yoghurt', we zijn jullie niet vergeten, echt niet! (weet dat het lang duurt)

    This translates to: 'Legend owners with a taste for frozen yoghurt, we didn't forget you, really! (know it takes a long time)'

    Sounds pretty clear, you just have to be patient.
  19. OObatz

    OObatz Member

    Think it's gonna be with us any day now, the new Legends come out soon with 2.2 so it follows that the update will get pushed out to us soon after.
  20. ingcorra

    ingcorra Active Member

    what a news.............. thanks however to have reported it.

    same as always, just wait but how much? desire users got it at beginning august, it's almost november and we have nothing except a "we're still thinking about you", obviously no confirmed deadlines at all. I really wonder if someone still really thinks it's taking so much because they want to give us a perfect update....
  21. MrEd

    MrEd New Member

    Another Legend owner here eager to get updated.

    The HTC Desire is their flagship phone so I guess it would get the updates first with others coming out later.

    Hopefully it won't be too much longer.
  22. kupiel

    kupiel New Member

    I just got this reply back from HTC support after inquiring about the Froyo update for Legend:

    "Thank you for contacting our Customer Support Center.

    With regards to your inquiry,

    Google has made us aware of an issue affecting updates to Android-powered handsets that result in the Android Market client becoming completely disabled after a platform software update. As a result, HTC has decided to temporarily suspend all current FOTA (Firmware over the Air) updates that upgrade our phones from one Android platform version to another. HTC is committed to providing customers with the best possible user experience. We are working closely with Google to resolve this issue quickly and will resume our programme of updates as soon as this issue is resolved."

    Whatever that means....
  23. ingcorra

    ingcorra Active Member

    they could tell us that an eventual 2.2 update would cause infertility, or maybe make our head explode
  24. agfoxx

    agfoxx New Member

    Hi guys

    This is the latest I got from HTC - literally this morning:

    Regarding your enquiry,

    At the moment the Android 2.2 is not available for the HTC Legend and we haven't information of when and if it will be release, however I can advice to keep an eye on our website for future information about it.

    So it all looks terribly bleak....
  25. OObatz

    OObatz Member

    Chill out will ya people.. it's coming... be patient.

    The new coloured Legends are coming very soon and they have 2.2, it follows that an OTA update will come out soon after that.

    So relax..go and do something else.

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