FroYo 2.2 for Legend

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  1. ffreeek

    ffreeek Member

    also on unbranded one - no update

    now, this is getting really ridiculous...

  2. c_man

    c_man Well-Known Member

    Grab your versions below!

    - Be sure to prefix HTTP
    - Be sure to take out the gaps in the URLs

    *** FOUND NEW VERSION *** h**p:// .zip

    Checking update for
    *** FOUND NEW VERSION *** h**p:// .zip

    Checking update for
    *** FOUND NEW VERSION *** h**p:// 77.1- ip

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  3. bigmick

    bigmick Member

    I can get only: 404 Not found:(
    What do you mean 'gaps' ?
  4. bigmick

    bigmick Member

    Na ok, the UK version could be downloaded, but the GER does not work.
  5. SirVal

    SirVal New Member

    can use it even if I am not on vodafone?
  6. bigmick

    bigmick Member

    How can I use it even if I am on vodafone?
  7. SirVal

    SirVal New Member

  8. c_man

    c_man Well-Known Member

    They are the update files, like what you'd get OTA.

    We're still waiting for the full RUU/ROMs.
  9. bigmick

    bigmick Member

    I have tried the update from UK version.
    Result: upgrade failed,
    Message: Error in
  10. nolook

    nolook Active Member

    read on xda supposedly vodaphone paid htc for exclusive 1st rights...never heard of this being done before...

    really want a generic full rom so i can debrand...
  11. kiddkoala

    kiddkoala New Member

    Vodafone OTA update fine.. although thanks for removing the ability to have a different image for lockscreen without using Widgetlocker or something...why remove this???
  12. Martin L

    Martin L Well-Known Member

    Well that's kinda odd for the UK anyway considering Vodafone has exclusivity on the legend anyway :confused:
  13. Bootsock

    Bootsock Well-Known Member

    I'm so disappointed by this! :(
  14. OObatz

    OObatz Member

  15. s17nj

    s17nj Member

    For those of you that have update to 2.2, Are you able to view flash on websites, such as bbc?
    I still get the warning triangle. I read on the netw that nexus one and desires users may have to download it from the market place, but I cannot find flash player in the market.
    A Bit of an anitclimax tbh! Anyone got any ideas?
  16. Tiddy

    Tiddy Active Member

    I am rooted & downloaded the official voda based ROM. I personally don't see what the fuss is about. Froyo.....? pfftt I have reverted back to a 2.1 custom ROM which is better. I wanted apps to SD card & all I got were 2 that would move to card. Don't get over excited by froyo, it's not worth the wait. Disappointed!
  17. Androidin'

    Androidin' Active Member

    Well that's because app2sd depends on the developers of the apps to implement it when they design the app. If you are rooted on 2.2 you should be able to force any app to install on the sd card regardless of whether the app supports it or not.
  18. bigmick

    bigmick Member

  19. macnpaul

    macnpaul Active Member

    Seriously annoyed by this (also have an unbranded legend), sent a complaint yesterday and not had a reply.

    I was eyeing up the Desire HD but starting to wonder if I want another HTC phone....

  20. dublevay

    dublevay Active Member

    I was annoyed about it to start with. But in all honesty, Vodafone users are once again being guinea pigs for the rest of us. After all, haven't they had the dodgy SMS sorting issue for some time, that was seemingly pulled for the rest of us?

    As long as it happens soon, I'll be pleased. And it's given a new excitement to checking for updates every three minutes. ;):D:)
  21. Tiddy

    Tiddy Active Member

    Yes, I know but some don't work properly! I've gone back to a custom 2.1 ROM
  22. heyitsericc

    heyitsericc Well-Known Member

    Would this work on a HTC Legend bought in a Virgin Mobile store?

    P.S. Why can't you just type the address?
  23. khaleelcarrim

    khaleelcarrim New Member

    *** FOUND NEW VERSION *** h**p:// .zip

    So i downloaded it, booted the phone to install, but it says the verification failed. Is this because im not on Vodafone? any help? im on Vodacom in South Africa
  24. bigmick

    bigmick Member

    So did I, the process resulted in a 'Status 7' Error. I am on Vodafone (Hungary), but the Legend is unbranded. The software version of my phone is not on the right list just now...
  25. macnpaul

    macnpaul Active Member

    This the response I got today, after complaining about not being able to get FroYo on my unbranded Legend -

    I'm confused......

    How long as Froyo been available on the HTC Desire?

    No Carriers have got the software update yet?

    Unbranded devices tend to get the updates before the carrier devices?

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