Froyo 2.2 + Launcher Pro?

  1. thunder9111

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    Since HTC is taking so long to bring Froyo+HTC Sense to the legend, is it possible to just install stock android Froyo 2.2 without the HTC sense, then use the launcher pro on it?

    launcher pro looks great, in fact I dont mind using it over HTC sense at all.
    here's a video of it on the desire: YouTube - Launcher Pro BETA running on HTC Desire
    I love the dock on the bottom, its actually more useful and looks great too.

    With Froyo's codes already out.. is it possible for us to put it on the legend ourselves already? or do we have to wait until HTC does it for us with Sense?

  2. macnpaul

    macnpaul Active Member

    Can't answer your main question, but I love Launcher Pro too plus you can still have a clock and weather widget (bit like sense) if you buy "Beautiful Widgets" - only a few dollars and there are lots of different skins.
  3. the yawner

    the yawner New Member

    You'll have to wait to wait for an unofficial port of Froyo for Legend. That is, if someone capable is willing to do this. Personally, I think I'll just wait.
  4. thunder9111

    thunder9111 Member

    so the main thing is that the desire has multiple froyo roms already, while no one is helping the legend huh?

    this might tilt me over to buy the desire instead.. ughh
    still making my decisions between the two..
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