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  1. karfeef

    karfeef Active Member

    anyone here tried the CyanogenMod-6.1.0-RC1-Spica-alpha7.3 over at samdroid? it looks like everything is working apart from divx. Interested to know your thoughts if you installed it.

    also, do you just do the normal rooting procedure after installing it?

  2. qwer

    qwer Well-Known Member

    I'm interested, too. Is installing it worth the hassle? Are there any advantages besides app2sd, wifi tethering (both of which are irrelevant since I have rooted my phone and have sd partitioning and an app for tethering) and apps that only work on 2.2? I've heard somewhere that 2.2 is faster, is this true for Spica, too? It seems that I'd have to reinstall everything (for like the fifth time in a couple of months) if I install Froyo, so I might not want to do it if there aren't any major advantages in performance etc.
  3. madhatter76

    madhatter76 Member

    I've put the CyanogenMod 2.2 over the samdroid. But I cant find a real benefit except of just having 2.2 :D

    the app2sd is not worth it, cause it still takes too much local phone memory. I went back to the Samdroid tools sdcard partition, gave it 1 GB and there it goes. no hassle no phone memory issues nada.

    major findign with 2.2 is that its applications are spawning as hell. It might be the combination with the build in ADWLauncher from cyanogen but after half a day its almost unusable and sluggish.

    All task killer I tried afterwards made is just more worse.
    after a few minutes its restarting mail, sms, calendar and what I know loads of apps .. so from my 82 MB it goes down to 22 and get sometimes sluggish on unlock.

    overall its nice to have but I must say that Leshak did with 2.1 such a great job that Im no really sure about any benefit of 2.2 at this moment except of "I have it" :rolleyes:
  4. karfeef

    karfeef Active Member

    thanks for the replies. I gave it a go last night. Some cool features, and a few bugs, but hey..we know there will be =) Most noticeable right now is an error when searching for mobile networks. This is known and being worked on.

    apps loading up in the background are a pain, but i'll see how it goes without using a task killer constantly. If it slows me down too much, i'll prob go back to 2.1

    hope they sort the divx playback issue out soon, got i want to watch =)

    edit - anyone noticed an issue with 3G/internet not working? I've entered the apn settings, but no joy =/
  5. JimJam707

    JimJam707 Member

    I've been using it now since the first release (really :D) and I love it. It has a few bugs like the 3G not working occasionally but apart from that, it's awwwwwwwwwwwesome.
  6. karfeef

    karfeef Active Member

    just updated to the 7.4 alpha. seems really stable. got 3g/internet working on 7.3. Using autokiller to manage the memory, and all seems pretty quick. not even missing not using task killers.

    still no network search or divx, but for an alpha, it's pretty awesome =)
  7. casspy

    casspy Member

    tomorrow will come my spica with 2.2 , the last android version was good,but not enough
  8. jirka.h23

    jirka.h23 Well-Known Member

    last version CM-6.1.1_alpha8.2.1 One Package (by stYLz) is really great much faster 3d drivers and in Linpack benchmark i got MFLOPS:9.26

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