Froyo for Cliq is OUT!!!

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  1. DJSwiggle

    DJSwiggle Member

    Over at Simply-Android, " @sudo.adam " was able to get Cliq Froyo Runing on the Cliq

    By popular demand, here it is: Froyo on the Motorola CLIQ.

    This is an alpha ROM, meaning it's still in development and not for use as a daily use ROM.

    DISCLAIMER: I am not responsible for anything bad that happens to your phone. If it happens, it's your fault.

    It has functioning wifi, vibration, touch, some Google apps (Market - semi-broken, Google Talk), accelerometer, and SD card mount. There are no soft reboots or system force closes.

    Currently, radio (texts/calls/data), bluetooth, sound (possibly fixed by @travisjames), camera (possibly fixed by @travisjames), and GPS are not functioning.

    Please also note that this ROM is not to be used as a base without my permission. Please do not mirror or redistribute it. I would like to keep track of the number of downloads.

    BIG THANKS TO @sudo.adam

    Dowload Here: FrigidCLIQ Alpha 1 - Simply Android

  2. notreallynuse

    notreallynuse Active Member

    please explain
  3. Vylle

    Vylle New Member

    Hey guys - what is the progress with this?
  4. bluetwo

    bluetwo Member

    It's absolutely horrible... I installed it and absolutely everything started running 10 times slower. I'm not even kidding. I had it on my phone for about two hours and in the limited time I used my phone it drove me insane with waiting and waiting and waiting.

    It was a little cooler looking and some of the new functions were kind of nice but there's no way it was worth it in the long run. No automatic update is a PITA, waiting for Motoblur to update took hours, literally, and then you have to reverse the installation afterwards.

    Maybe it was just my phone, or a fluke or whatever, I don't know what other peoples experiences will be like but I couldn't deal with it.

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