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Froyo for galxy 5?General

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  1. Tabarnak

    Tabarnak Well-Known Member

    It says this on samfirmware:

    ''If you come from America don't flash! (Ask for a firmware in the forums)''

    Does this apply if you are in Canada also? Also:

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  2. Abiram26

    Abiram26 Well-Known Member


    and why has my phone become GT-I5500L
    while it starts up it doesn't show GT-I5500 any more, instead of that- it shows GT-I5500L.
  3. CDinesen

    CDinesen Member

    I a NooB on Android - looking to buy my first one before x-mas

    Will there be an official 2.2 released - it seemed this is a leacked version :D

    Soory if this is to newbie a question...
  4. Tabarnak

    Tabarnak Well-Known Member

    It's offically released but only on certain phones such as the HTC Desire. Apparently it's to be offically released on the Galaxy next month but that's just what I read
  5. cristi

    cristi Member

    do you need to root before you install?
  6. CDinesen

    CDinesen Member

    My question on 2.2 official was on SG5 not general :)
  7. Abiram26

    Abiram26 Well-Known Member

    How do you know next month? Plz. copy the text in your mail to samsung or show website-> URL.
    I have froyo and it didn't change alot from my old Eclaire version.
    NO multitouch and NO flash -> so help
    only faster
  8. Tabarnak

    Tabarnak Well-Known Member

    Honestly man I can't remember, it could have been just on a forum like this one. That's why I said "that's just what I read"
  9. pjmanalo

    pjmanalo New Member

    Upgraded my G5 to Froyo using Odin and the Froyo/2.2. firmware from samfirmware last Friday. Slight problem with force closing com.android.phone fc-ing every other minute this was supposedly caused by a SIM card incompatibility coupled with the fact that I wasn't able to do a factory reset after installing the firmware. Just had to take the SIM out, turn it on, do a factory reset, turn it off, and put the SIM back in.

    Has been working fine ever since. Feels a bit more snappier than 2.1 plus it's great that we can finally install to SD.

    Question: I've seen people root their G5's running 2.1, has anybody tried rooting their G5 while running 2.2 from samfirmware?
  10. khanburhan

    khanburhan New Member

    Updated my Galaxy 5 to Froyo 2.2 Successfully... thank u all for your help
  11. CDinesen

    CDinesen Member

    If you find it again please post again ;)

    Can't deside if I should use leaked or wait :)
    I need the hotspot functionallity...
  12. CDinesen

    CDinesen Member

    Any luck :)
  13. kampoon

    kampoon New Member

    Successfully upgraded the phone to Froyo, Reset is a must step to perform, MMS, 3G settings need to redo after refreshed, overall Froyo is great for Galaxy 5
  14. kanded

    kanded New Member

    hello all guys, it is said that updating to froyo will make our samsung galaxy 5 has capability doing multitouch.

    but the truth is, i dont see if its multitouch. i'm now froyo. 2.2. its not multitouch, and im stuck with it.
  15. Pa1n_k1lLeR

    Pa1n_k1lLeR New Member

  16. magoo28

    magoo28 New Member

    How to make flash player to work? I tried searching in the market, downloading the apk and nothing worked.

    When I install with the apk, it says the application is not installed and just give me the option to close the install.

    Can someone help with this?
  17. ElasticNinja

    ElasticNinja Well-Known Member

    Phones with old ARMv6 processors like Galaxy 5, N8 or Droid1 are incapable of running full flash 10.1, hence the development of Flash Lite
  18. Abiram26

    Abiram26 Well-Known Member

    I've the same problem here,
    What is Flash Lite?
    How to get it?
  19. varun.k

    varun.k Active Member

    Same problem with flash and moreover experiencing shortened battery life comparatively. Have 40% battery left and 4 hours later says battery low. Did not have this problem initially when i had installed froyo.
  20. kumar3234

    kumar3234 Well-Known Member


    My friend recently purchased a galaxy 551 which is a galaxy 5 with qwerty keyboard.
    He has internet working on it, he can browse all web pages, but he is unable to sign in to the google account or the gmail app.

    Since 3G is not available extensively here in India as of now, he is using a EDGE connection.

    When trying to sign into google account, the phone says it could not establish a reliable connection to the server....

    off topic ...any ideas would be great...

    meanwhile trying to sign in through a wifi hotspot.....

  21. r1234

    r1234 Member

  22. r1234

    r1234 Member

  23. varun.k

    varun.k Active Member

    Weird 2.3 on galaxy 5. Where do u get the software. Not available in samfirmware
  24. WanaGo

    WanaGo New Member

    That is weird.
    I5500XWJK3 is a 2.1 Firmware...
    And 2.6.29-perf is also a 2.1 Kernal from what I understand.
    The build number I dont recognise...
    And the Firmware number being 2.3-Alpha1 is also interesting...

    Based on his comments on Youtube he has just done some mods, so still a 2.1 firmware.
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  25. varun.k

    varun.k Active Member

    Yea that is true, its just a mod for 2.1 but multi touch seems to work one way at least and apps 2 sd. Not sure how it is done though.

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