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Froyo framework-res.apk (HTC Battery) | Behold 2

  1. bearsfan85

    bearsfan85 Well-Known Member

    For use with 1.6 stock, Microhaxo's rom and my rom. Does not work with BH_Mans/Eugnes Roms

    In the status bar:
    Chat Icon
    SDcard icon
    SDcard usb icon
    Bluetooth Call
    Phone Call
    Call Forward
    On Hold

    When looking in the system battery information I replaced the android guy with gears
    (All Icons changed with replacements from froyo)

    Framework-res.apk I put together on 8/15 with Icons from Froyo
    8/15 Framework-res.apk (HTC battery icon)

    adb push framework-res.apk system/framework/


  2. derick90

    derick90 Member

    how do I install this? I have your take 5 tweak right now, I want this for the battery icon and phone call screen(hate the stock one) Thanks!
  3. bearsfan85

    bearsfan85 Well-Known Member

    doesnt change the phone calls screen

    u need the sdk installed to adb push it

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