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Froyo (from N1) running on Acer Liquid

  1. Jayziac

    Jayziac Well-Known Member

  2. Samt2992

    Samt2992 Member

    Should be good when a lot of bugs are fixed, I wonder if it will ever be official at any stage.
  3. Jayziac

    Jayziac Well-Known Member

    According to this end of the slashgear review, Acer is providing Froyo 2.2 for the Rogers Liquid E:

    Rogers Wireless Acer Liquid E Review - SlashGear

    "Acer have been in contact to say that they do indeed plan to release an update to Android 2.2 “before the end of the year”."
  4. Samt2992

    Samt2992 Member

    Would really like flash.

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