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  1. gamut

    gamut Member

    So finally Froyo was rolled out for T-Mobile in the UK, and it successfully updated. Was still laggy though, so despite my noobness, I thought I'd try RyanZA's One Click Lag Fix (preceded by z4root to root it), and it really seems to have made a difference.

    However, I then noticed that SMS messaging wasn't working, and after some digging around finally accepted that I'd probably have to do a factory reset and go through the pain of reloading stuff. This worked (Messaging now works again), but I wasn't sure what would happen tp the lag fix. OCLF now warns me that a lag fix is in place, but won't allow me to do anything - both the install and the undo options are showing as unavailable. So, now I'm not sure whether the lag fix has persisted, and I don't appear to have any way to undo it if I ever have a problem.

    Help please !

  2. Jamalsid

    Jamalsid Member

    try running a quadrant benchmark. If the score is higher than 1200 then the lag fix is probably still in place.

    I know it is of no help but you should have removed the lagfix before the factory reset.
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  3. gamut

    gamut Member

    Thanks Jamalsid. It was a kind of a "doh" moment when I thought about it afterwards and realised that perhaps the factory reset might not be a great odea with the lag fix still in place.

    Have just run Quadrant and it returned a score of 948, only slightly better the the average for the Galaxy S.

    So, has the lag fix gone ? That score woudl suggest so, I think. If so, any idea how I get OCLF to recognise that or sort it out by some other means?
  4. Jamalsid

    Jamalsid Member

    a score of 948 means the lag fix is no longer applied.

    can you get the 3-button recovery and download menus to work on your phone? If so you could try the vodoo lagfix which is supposed to be better anyway I believe.
  5. gamut

    gamut Member

    Yeah, 3 button recovery seems to work okay. What option did you mean I should take ? I did another factory reset this way, but OCLF still doesn't work properly. I wondered about the format the internal SD card option, but was very wary of what this would do, and having had my fingers burned once recently by jumping the gun, I was reluctant to try out something unknown.

    As for the Voodoo lagfix, I can certainly go give that a try. Would I need to do anything else first ?
  6. Jamalsid

    Jamalsid Member

    formatting the sd card shouldnt screw up your phone (dont hold me to that though :) as im not 100% sure). I think formatting the sd card will just erase all data whilst leaving the OS alone. So you would loose all your sms, contacts (these should be synced to your google account though if you have thenm set up properly) and apps. You could always connect the phone to your pc and just copy the whole of the sd card over as a back-up incase it goes wrong.

    I would suggest tryingh the vodoo lagfix first though, thats what i would do (not that I am expert in any way mind!!).

    I dont think you need to do anything special for voodoo, you dont even need to have root access. Proberly best to seach XDA forums for a guide though to be sure.
  7. gamut

    gamut Member

    Cheers Jamalsid. Think I'll try Voodoo as suggested. Only problem is, I'm not sure if my current firmware is supported. The pre install guide for Pre6 says you should have JPM/JP6/JPA, and I'm not sure which of the many version numbers is the important one !

    My phone has:
    PDA: I9000BOJPB
    PHONE: I9000BOJP3
    CSC: I9000GTMUJP5

    Like I said, I don't know which one is important, but none of the last 3 characters above matches the JPM/JP6/JPA requirement above ! Will try to do some more reading of forums etc later, or wait for more help on here :)

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