FROYO official upgrade released in Korea

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  1. husam212

    husam212 New Member

    the official froyo upgrade from LG CYON is out now !!!

    more info here.

    download KDZ file (with fastboot) from here and flash it using LG Utils.
    or you can use system.img and boot.img from here and flash them using fastboot.

    password for rar file is "openetna"

  2. sad_but_cool1

    sad_but_cool1 Member

    After searching and translation of related links in koria

    i only understanded that this release is some kind of beta version and the the stable one will released between feb-may

    lg had released a upgrade for optimus one to 2.1/2.2
    but the gw620/kh5200 have some hardware compatibility problems

    thanks for the link ,, this is a good news !!
    I'll try to catch the beta release.
  3. sad_but_cool1

    sad_but_cool1 Member

    The beta version can be get through carriers only at this moment
  4. sad_but_cool1

    sad_but_cool1 Member
  5. sad_but_cool1

    sad_but_cool1 Member

  6. sad_but_cool1

    sad_but_cool1 Member

    Great work !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. markp1989

    markp1989 Active Member

    been waiting a long time for a update for the eve, has any one followed this guide successfully?

    edit: also does the rom have english language available, as i woundnt be able to use my phone otherwise
    I wanna know before I flash my mobile.
  8. husam212

    husam212 New Member

    it works for me, you can change the language to english and you can root it using superoneclick method.
  9. sad_but_cool1

    sad_but_cool1 Member

    did u tried to downgrade ???? or to reinstall openetna firm??
  10. husam212

    husam212 New Member

    till now it seems that there is no way to go back to older firmware or openetna, so be careful before you get stuck in this firmware.
  11. sad_but_cool1

    sad_but_cool1 Member

    i heard that problem was solved
    i am searching for the solution ,and will put it here if it is existed
  12. sad_but_cool1

    sad_but_cool1 Member

    u can keep fastboot running if u flashed boot.img and system.img.
    cause fastboot is in another partition.
  13. danielim

    danielim New Member

    so i upgraded my phone using the LG Utils method and it ran fine. however i have a few issues i need help with.

    1: The camera flash does not work anymore, at all.
    2: sms's are automatically turned into mms's after only 90 characters.
    3: the 'to' bar when messaging no longer narrows down the contacts by the letters you put in, it just shows all contacts.
    4: the lg ime automatically starts when the phone is restarted.
    5: when i turn wifi off it shows a message in korean. not really an issue but it happens.

    problem 2, followed by problem 1 are the problems i most need help with.

    im a bit of a noob at this, basically i can just follow instructions or use google. so far i havent found any fixes on google. however the sms problem was mentioned here but as for a solution they didnt mention anything. however they mentioned that is may be to do with APN's, if that helps anyone to figure it out.

    help would be appreciated.

    on another note i can confirm that using the superoneclick root method works to root the phone, and i have been able to remove system apps fine. however i havent tried loading another rom (as i said im a bit of a noob) but following the method on it doesnt seem possible, as the phone model is not an option when trying to make a "flash clockworkmod recovery" with rom manager.
  14. danielim

    danielim New Member

    an update:

    the sms problem seems to be suggested by some as a problem with the system messenger app, and even happens on the official 1.6 update. although there is not much internet chat about it so i dont know if it happens with everyone (which seems kinda weird). i solved the problem by downloading handcent sms to sue instead. is there any way of completely disabling the stock sms application from starting and running in the background? i dont want to uninstall it just incase.
  15. husam212

    husam212 New Member

    this can be solved by removing/freezing wifiService app.

    you can freeze the stock app using Titanium Backup and unfreeze it any time you want.
  16. sad_but_cool1

    sad_but_cool1 Member

    1-camera flash is working!!
    2-about 90 characters for sms, soon to solve it.
    3-the 'to' bar when messaging is really bad
    4-the lg IME doesn't automatically starts for me
    5-korean message is buggy msg,leads to hanging sometimes is WIFI app (doen't turn on/off is u missed the msg running).
  17. danielim

    danielim New Member

    ok now i need desperate help. as of this morning my sms is barely working. some people it works fine, some people receive it as an unknown number so cannot reply, and some dont receive it at all.
  18. spaesani

    spaesani Member

    I upgraded ~successfuly with the boot and system images in the rar file.

    The wifi is problematic: it connects and disconnects continuously (can't hold the connection)
    There is no USB tether option.

    All else works though there may be other inactive Froyo 2.2 features that I am not aware of.

    I am going to reinstall after a full wipe and see what happens.

    Thanks for the tip.
  19. droiduzr2

    droiduzr2 Well-Known Member

    I am not sure what you guys are doing but the LG EVE Official 2.2 (Korean) release works just fine and is stable. All of the devices work.
    If your camera or flash is not working uninstall the flashlight apps. I was using LED Flashlight and it stopped the camera from working. I removed the app and the camera worked fine with the flash.

    The best way is to use the fastboot method to upgrade and to do a wipe after you update.

    Look at the thread here from AmazonAnnie, she spent lots of time and provided all the info you need.

    The LG 2.2 Offical Korean ROM WORK 100% (so far, been using for a month now).

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