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  1. booster666

    booster666 New Member

    My sister has an HTC legend with 2.2 froyo, but it's really slow. Going to the homescreen takes about 30 seconds to load. And she already uses an appkiller and has GPS off. Why is it so slow?


  2. Crazyd943

    Crazyd943 Member


    Exact same problem here. Gone really unresponsive and slow since the update.

    EDIT: Although it doesn't solve the problem, rebooting the phone every now and then helps speed it up a little.
  3. adi19956

    adi19956 Well-Known Member

    hard reset your phone, should fix it.
    Settings > SD & phone storage > Factory data reset.
    OR turn off phone, long press volume down button, short press power button, scroll down (using volume keys) to Clear storage, power button to select.
    Fixes almost all 2.2 update related problems
  4. adi19956

    adi19956 Well-Known Member

    Mod/ admin please make one of these 2.2 update questions sticky, people keep asking the same question
  5. madsnb

    madsnb New Member

    This was the worst "I don't have a clue, so reboot and try again in five minutes", first line support advice. :eek:

    I tried reset and lost all settings which a pain in the butt! In another post I learned, that going to Settings, Applications, Development, and then enabling USB debug mode, solves speed issues.

    That worked perfectly for me, and my Legend now runs even faster, than it did with 2.1.

    Pssst of course everyone keeps asking same question, since resetting phone has no effect!! :mad:
  6. adi19956

    adi19956 Well-Known Member

    the official advice from carriers such as the Legend is to do a factory reset (see here Re: HTC Legend - Problems after Froyo Install - Vodafone eForum )
    my phone has always has debugging mode on, yet I still had troubles with 2.2 update.
    factory resetting does work for the most part.
    Another technique, if you're interested, is to reboot the phone without its SIM, no idea how it works.
    surprisingly factory resetting will cause you to lose all your settings, hence the name :)
  7. madsnb

    madsnb New Member

    Fair enough. Of course there can be different challenges, but I just wanted to add this information here, since it is a lot more fun if you can solve it without losing all your precious settings. ;)

    Uhm of course I knew settings would be lost with factory reset, so no it was not a surprise..... But in my stupid head, it is very hard for me to understand how HTC could avoid stumbling into speed issues, while testing 2.2. It breaks my heart to hear they officially suggest their customers to reset data. Should they not try to collect some phones with problems, and then try to solve these things once and for all.? Sounds like people are shooting blindfolded, oh try reset, try starting without SIM, move some shit from datacard to phone storage, send a letter to Santa and wish for a faster built of our software, try debugging mode for USB.

    Remove the cause instead of suggesting 10 different workarounds, that is how proffesional companies work. Why does factory reset work in some cases? Investigate and deploy an update! Think I explained my frustrations... :confused:

    Happy Christmas
  8. adi19956

    adi19956 Well-Known Member

    well I suppose the speed issues are why it took them so long to update... they were probably trying to sort the issues out because it was rumoured very early that a Legend was running 2.2.
    with most custom ROMs, you have to wipe the phone before installing them, so I suppose HTC did well to prevent this from happening.
    when my laptop was updated to Windows 7 from Vista, it was wiped so maybe this is the norm? in any case we're updated now so all is well :)
  9. Crazyd943

    Crazyd943 Member

    USB debugging has sped my Legend up a fair bit. Not sure if a factory reset would even be worth it now.
  10. Agnin

    Agnin New Member

    I did a factory reset and it did seed up things for a while. But only for a week or so. Then typing began to be laggy, there is a small lag each time i open a program etc.

    Not sure what to do. A shame though.. the legend is a very nice phone for my needs. Hope HTC will send out an update to fix the last bugs.
  11. Monkey9000

    Monkey9000 New Member

    Checking the "usb debugging" box worked for me. Simply check it then connect it to your computer, not sure exactly how long you need to do it. But, since I did it a few days ago, my Legend has really sped up and I've completely fallen in love with it again!
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  12. Marcelrenders

    Marcelrenders New Member

    This really worked for me too! Here you can change it:

    Settings>Applications>Development>USB debugging
  13. azLegend

    azLegend New Member

    Can someone please tell me how turning on "USB Debugging" actually improves the responsiveness of the phone?

    In my line of work increasing debugging usually slows things down a bit. What is USB debugging doing that is making the phone respond faster??

    I'm just really curious about this... I mean it really worked for me, my legend was dragging along even simple things like opening my messages and now it just flies... how? Somebody please explain
  14. Robert47

    Robert47 New Member

    Is your HTC Legend slow in executing almost every function?
    I solved it this way: switch off ( if possible!!!),take out the battery and the SIM Card.Wait ten seconds,put the battery back and reboot ( without SIM Card), when ready, it will start buzzing and asking for a SIM Card,put that back in.
    MY problem was solved and I hope it will work the same for you!!
  15. pzelnip

    pzelnip New Member

    Same problem here, and has been happening sporadicly since the update (several months ago).

    Rebooting seems to be the only cure, though only temporarily. Sometimes the problem will go away for a week, sometimes a couple hours.

    I've tried doing hard reset, I've tried enabling USB debugging mode, etc. Each time it's a temporary fix.

    This is far and away the one thing that is absolutely killing my love of my phone.

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