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Froyo on its way for Galaxy Apollo 3General

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  1. stoffell

    stoffell Active Member


    It seems we're getting closer and closer to Froyo !

    As you can read on twitter (and mentioned in this post) we will have to wait until the Galaxy S has had its update. No problem, we'll wait just a little bit longer, that way the bugs can be fixed before they release it to our phones :)

    Samsung Galaxy Apollo/3 to get Android 2.2 update after Galaxy S | Androidos.in

    There's already a leaked firmware on samfirmware. However, I will wait until I'm getting it through kies ;-)

    Samsung I5800 gets Froyo! -

    Now let's keep an eye out and see if we can find a date .. ! :)


  2. stoffell

    stoffell Active Member

    Oh, keep in mind that this leaked firmware is not compatible with i5801. More news to follow! :)
  3. teapot123

    teapot123 Member

    Oh my! This is the first comforting thing I read all day. I bought the I5800 this very morning like an idiot, just to realise I can't use skype on it and that it has a bug that makes it go mute if you try to talk over fring or nimbuzz or voiceonaut. In other words, no voip!

    The only hope is a firmware update. Which isn't available. I've been miserable all day, considering selling the phone.

    So thanks for this headsup! I wouldn't dare flashing the phone myself but hopefully this is a good sign, hopefully this will be released officially soon, right?
  4. barqers

    barqers Well-Known Member

    Awesome news! Thanks for the update!
  5. haree

    haree Active Member

  6. reagnon

    reagnon Member

    I had been reading that it would come but I think it won't come fast.
    Still, great news.
  7. bratick

    bratick Member

    now how to return the factory firmvare:eek:
  8. pernilleib

    pernilleib New Member

    Skype runs without problems on i5800 with the latest free Skype from Android markt
  9. stoffell

    stoffell Active Member

    By SamFirmware:
    Samsung First Froyo for Galaxy S worldwide than Froyo for Apollo. All done before end of Q1 2011!
  10. jwfrank

    jwfrank New Member

    Have you been able to use skype?
    For me, it will be important should I buy this phone, and if there is a real problem, I would reconsider

  11. Ze Enzo

    Ze Enzo New Member

    I think Froyo is coming to our phones late April 2011
  12. barqers

    barqers Well-Known Member

    Yep that's been the message. They aren't going to offer anything that isn't already out there anyways so it's nbd to me...

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