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  1. Nevy P

    Nevy P Well-Known Member

    Good News !!

    2.2 Froyo has been released in the UK on Orange via Kies !!

    It was available this morning !!

    Already upgraded with no problems !!

    Nevy P

  2. glurta

    glurta Active Member

    Wow. Anyone else got it? At work so can't check.
  3. MrMister

    MrMister Well-Known Member

    If this is the case, I'm awaiting delivery of my Orange Apollo, but I was going to network unlock it. Can I still use the Orange update to to v2.2 but still network unlock it?
  4. bjlabuk

    bjlabuk Well-Known Member

    I would wait, get the phone, update to v2.2 via Kies, then get it unlocked. That way you would get the authorised update, you could use it with other network SIMs, but it would retain the Orange branding and features that you seem to want.

    It sounds though as if you have bought the phone on Orange to get the lowest deal (?) but really want to use it on another network (?). In which case do you really need the Orange specific apps? If you don't then just get it unlocked and download one of the latest versions of v2.2 from News -

  5. MrMister

    MrMister Well-Known Member

    Sorry I'll explain. I've bought it off eBay but knew it was locked to Orange. I didn't know that a v2.2 would be available it was just good (bad) luck that I've seen about it.

    I want it network unlocked for a few reasons. I want to use it as a backup phone for any network for my family, might lass it to my daughter, and I want to put a AT&T sim in it when I goto USA in summer (I'm from UK), to be able to use 3G data for the Disneyland queue apps etc

    Ok I'll wait till it arrives, update it to v2.2 (or should I leave it at 2.1), then goto a stall and get it network unlocked as it seems too complicated to do it by myself.

    I'm a Android virgin so please forgive me, is v2.2 a big update over v2.1 then? Does it add new features? Bug fixes?

    Cheers for your help
  6. Salakala

    Salakala Member

    2.1 is to 2.2 pretty much what vista is to win7. Looks mostly same with some minor functionality changes, however under the hood there are many changes that make it more stable and faster. Very much worth the upgrade.
  7. MrMister

    MrMister Well-Known Member

    Excellent, that's a good way of explaining it thanks. So even on the Apollo with it's slower processor it will run better?

    Have you done it yet? I'm still awaiting delivery of my phone, but as soon as I do I think I'll update (is this kies thing some PC software you use), then network unlock it.

    Is froyo only out on Apollo for orange UK phones then? What about the others?

  8. bjlabuk

    bjlabuk Well-Known Member

    Kies is official Samsung software which you will get from the Samsung UK website. There is also Samsung PC Studio but it is Kies that you need for your Apollo. By installing the latest version of Kies you will get the latest USB drivers for Windows, which you need in order to connect your phone to your PC. You could download and install Kies before your phone arrives.

    If all goes well, when you open Kies and connect your phone the software will recognise your phone and should automatically tell you if a firmware update to 2.2 is available.

    I say 'if all goes well' because many people have problems with Kies.

  9. MrMister

    MrMister Well-Known Member

    Ok thanks will do that while I wait. If it's anything like the old PC studio that I had to use once for my daughters Samsung phone then I'm not looking forward tonit! Was horrible software.
  10. glurta

    glurta Active Member

    Kies showing update available for me too, don't know if just for Orange or not. Will be upgrading as soon as phone fully charged. App to SD here we come!
  11. Nevy P

    Nevy P Well-Known Member

    Glad to hear 2.2 is available for you !!!

    I thought more people would have it by now !!

    It certainly speeds up your phone !!

    I also own a Galaxy S on Orange contract and it appears that the update for the Apollo offers much the same functionality as its big brother - i.e revised menus, improved music player and GUI etc etc!!

    Report back with your findings !!

    Nevy P
  12. viki83

    viki83 Member

    I think its currently rolled out just for orange i5801. I have an unlocked i5800 apollo and so far no update on kies. Can anyone with unlocked apollo confirm of any froyo update?
  13. Man-el

    Man-el Member

    No update available in Portugal yet. At least not an unlocked i5800.
  14. philheckler

    philheckler Active Member

    Just for the orange branded i5801 at the moment , nothing on kies for my i5800 :(
  15. Sid Bonkers

    Sid Bonkers Well-Known Member

    Yes just downloaded it and its awful it has even more Orange branding than the old o/s, I hate it, Orange this and Orange that, even the main window is all Orange cr@p that I cant seem to get rid of. If I cant find a way of shifting all this Orange cr@p then its going in the bin.

    Ive waited nearly a year to shed the Orange branding from this less than brilliant phone and now its worse

  16. Mr Bonkers, if you're REALLY that bothered about all the Orange stuff then root your phone and delete it. That's the only way. I'm on Orange and use GO Launcher and hide all the apps I don't use so never see any Orange branding. (Well, apart from in Notifications where it says what network you're on etc). You can also create folders in the app drawer which helps keep it tidy. I know the Orange apps are taking up space but my phone runs fine - I might root if I ever install so many apps that I need the space. Apps2SD is the only reason I thought about rooting, but now the official update's out there's no need.
  17. Sid Bonkers

    Sid Bonkers Well-Known Member

    Hi Thora thanks for the feedback, I am actually a bit calmer now and have the phone almost the way I want it.

    i do still have two very big issues, firstly the GPS is usless and wont find the phones location even though the GPS Status app tells me there are lots of satellites over me!! This is really anoying as I would like to use GPS apps. Secondly i was led to believe that 2.2 would allow me to play youtube vids but no, I still cant :confused:
  18. If you're not already using a different launcher, try one. I use GO Launcher but ADW and LauncherPro seem popular. That should help hide Orange branding. ALthough you could use the Samsung TouchWiz one that's already on the phone. GPS was a bit dodgy when I first got the phone, but after a while it ran pretty much perfectly. I'm not sure what I did now, ha. After updating to 2.2 it's back to being a bit dodgy. Outside is usually okay and quite quick to get a lock, but inside is a bit rubbish. But then that doesn't really matter. Typing *#*#1472365#*#* used to help but that doesn't work in 2.2. Do you use the YouTube app or try viewing the site in a browser? The app works fine for me. Try the Skyfire browser if you want to view flash in a browser.
  19. Sid Bonkers

    Sid Bonkers Well-Known Member

    Thanks again, i'll try some of your suggestions re Youtube :)

    I doubt if any phone will get a GPS fix indoors would it? I know my Tom Tom wont, but my phone keeps telling me I am miles away from where I am and it seems a bit random too depending whether I am using maps or other GPS apps. The map doesnt really matter to me as when in the car I use TomTom but I paid for an app called GPS Essentials which is effectively a geo location camera app that I do want to use but it tells me I'm in central London when I am in mid Kent!!!

    GPS Essentials - Android app on AppBrain

  20. Until I updated to froyo I was getting a decent fix with GPS in some rooms of my house. (It was putting me in the shed, about 10-15 metres away - and that was without wifi enabled). Now it's back to how it was when I got the phone - about half a mile down the road. It's okay when I go outside though. When I was first got the phone it would put me in bleeding Kensington and I'm in the midlands! It hasn't done that for ages, thankfully.
  21. Sid Bonkers

    Sid Bonkers Well-Known Member

    Dont know what Ive done but Yoytube is now OK :D And Ive even had a fix while out on the GPS app :) :)

    All is good in the world tonight...
  22. Fabapocalypse

    Fabapocalypse Member

    I have tonight upgraded my version of Kies to version Samsung says was released on 03 May 2011 (v. - but it looks exactly the same (v. appears on screen).

    When I check my phone firmware via this version of Kies, it tells me I have the latest firmware - which I don't, I have 2.1.

    But the Samsung site lists a 2.2 firmware upgrade for my phone (I5800) as being available ("You can download it according to OS and language", woo hoo!).

    Clicking on that option takes you back to the screen to update your Kies - which I've already done!

    Or have I?

    My phone is on Orange but was bought from the Carphone Warehouse and isn't Orange branded. It's not quite three months old.

    Before I submit myself to what is no doubt the hell of Samsung Customer Services to try and get this query answered, can anybody help?
  23. bjlabuk

    bjlabuk Well-Known Member

    Have you tried a different SIM card to see whether it is actually network locked to Orange? Was the box that the phone came in a standard Samsung box (with maybe an Orange sticker on it) or is the box Orange branded, ie basically a black box with the Orange logo and orange writing?

    You say the phone is an i5800 but you appear to be trying to download the Orange 2.2 update which is for the i5801. First of all establish which phone you have. The I5800 is the global version of phone while the I5801 is exclusive to Orange. See this link

    Samsung Galaxy 3 and Galaxy Apollo review: Galactic twins -

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  24. Fabapocalypse

    Fabapocalypse Member

    It's a Samsung box and the phone has no Orange branding. It merely came from the Carphone Warehouse with an Orange Sim inside the box. The box bears the name i5800, as does the phone on switch-on. Looking at your link, the phone has the angled home key and shiny back of the i5800. No Orange badge externally; no Orange branding in the software.

    I do not have another SIM card to try in it, and judging by the difficulty the man at Carphone Warehouse had getting the Orange one in it, anyway - lots of jamming in with a plastic card - it's not a route I fancy taking, in case I end up with an altogether non-functioning phone.

    On the Samsung website when I enter my model number i5800 - NOT i5801 - to select "available downloads" I am sent to the page I mention in my post above. Nowhere is i5801 mentioned on the list of firmware or software, nor, on the Samsung website, is there any mention of Orange.

    My query is also regarding Samsung Kies - and, having uninstalled and reinstalled the software to my computer now, also, rather than just upgrading it - I am puzzled as to why my computer still shows v. when the "upgrade/new version" I download from the site says it should be v. The _3 version of the software is dated 03 May 2011 on the website and that is the one I am attempting to download; in addition a new manual is shown for Froyo (UK and Cyprus) for the i5800.

    I'm sure I'm not the only one totally confused by whether there is an update or not. I have the phone, I'm on the network for which people are saying there is an update: yet I don't have an update.
  25. bjlabuk

    bjlabuk Well-Known Member

    Okay try this.

    Whether you are upgrading via Kies or by flashing your phone using ODIN, it is always best to do a 'clean' installation, by wiping old data from the phone's internal memory first. The presence of old data in the internal memory can cause problems.

    Backup any contacts etc you want to keep by transferring them to your PC using Kies etc.

    Then, Factory data Reset your phone by entering the code *#*#7780#*#* on your keypad, or by going into Settings>Privacy>Factory Data Reset. This will wipe the cache of old data.

    Then go to Settings>Wireless and Network>USB Settings and select Samsung Kies.

    Open Kies on your PC and once it is running connect your phone with the USB cable. Kies should detect the type of phone etc and notify you if there is a firmware update.

    If there is, follow the instructions. Don't disconnect your phone until the update is complete and the home screen appears.

    Then do another factory data reset. Then switch your phone off and on once or twice to let it sort itself out.

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