Froyo RUU update available

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  1. teppic74

    teppic74 Well-Known Member

    It should be ok with Orange phones, but needs more people to confirm that. It won't cause problems with rebooting and so on that some people have had by flashing a generic 2.1 RUU and updating over the air.

  2. djbandit

    djbandit Member

    well i might bite the bullet later if i do i will post my results and let you all know how it goes
  3. japester

    japester Well-Known Member

    Will you need a goldcard in to do subsequent OTA updates?
  4. teppic74

    teppic74 Well-Known Member

    Yes, they won't work otherwise.
  5. japester

    japester Well-Known Member

    That would be down to the CID check then. Its there no way to change the CID on the phone?
  6. teppic74

    teppic74 Well-Known Member

    The CID is locked, it cannot be changed. But with a goldcard in the phone the CID is ignored. It is possible to use a goldcard as your normal sdcard, though I'd recommend keeping a spare one as a backup just in case.
  7. djbandit

    djbandit Member

    well took the plung and did the update i now have an orange locked desire de branded running froyo woo hoo i'm happy just to find missing menu item with backup and things in
  8. stevo25

    stevo25 New Member

    me too my orange desire flashed a treat no heart stopping moments
  9. SwiftFox

    SwiftFox Active Member

    Sorry I know this has been answered partly already but what way does an OTA upgrade work after using an RUU?(using the goldcard obviously)

    Use check for upgrade on phone- If ones available.... what i do?

    This or am i way off?
    Phone off, insert goldcard, turn phone on get OTA update this time and complete upgrade process, when phone completes upgrade* turn off replace goldcard with SD card?

    *How do I know when OTA upgrade is complete and I can replace Goldcard with normal SD card?

    I have an 02 desire with 02 branded splash screens etc. So i was planning to use this process as im getting fed up waiting for 02 froyo and not entirely sure of rooting so using RUU seems the logical go between.

    After reading further posts about goldcards Is 512mb only needed if so Im currently using a 16gb class 6 if its successful goldcard could I patition it to be used as a standard sd card and goldcard and if so does it mean I just get OTA updates as normal or is it not that simple?
  10. gurmukhp

    gurmukhp Active Member

    I'm having issues with my stock unbranded 2.2 ota update. Do you reckon this could fix it since its a complete full flash?
  11. teppic74

    teppic74 Well-Known Member

    After the RUU is installed you will be in the same position as an up to date unbranded phone in terms of further updates. You will receive notifications to say when there are OTA updates available, but you mustn't install them unless your goldcard is in the phone.

    The RUU is complete when the phone is booted and running the new software. You can then power off and remove the goldcard. The same applies for future OTA updates.

    There's no minimum or maximum size for a goldcard. The changes don't take up any space on the card.
  12. teppic74

    teppic74 Well-Known Member

    It's possible. It won't do any harm - flashing this on a fully working phone already updated OTA to Froyo is basically like doing a full factory reset/wipe.
  13. ghostrx

    ghostrx Member

    Was the link taken down for the RUU? Can't seem to download it.
  14. kebaros

    kebaros Member

    Hi, I recieved a notification about an OTA update, froyo today and stupidly clicked install without the goldcard in. now I think i may have goosed my phone; I downloaded the above RUU but it fails on the Error 131: Customer ID Error. I've recreated a gold card on 2 different SD cards but no luck in getting past this point, if I boot my phone normally then it says its on 2.2 but I cannot get the notification area, wifi or access the sd card and it reboots itself after 5 mins or so (sometimes sooner). The desire was originally branded t-mobilebut I debranded about 2 months ago.

    Anyone any suggestions or links to download a rom that could either sort this out or drop me back down to pre froyo?

  15. kebaros

    kebaros Member

    Link still works
  16. teppic74

    teppic74 Well-Known Member

    Have you tried making a goldcard with the goldcard tool? The errors you are getting on your phone are typical from trying to update without a goldcard. If you can get this RUU to flash it will fix the problems.

    You can try to flash this t-mobile branded RUU (no goldcard needed in your case), but it will probably complain about the version being too low:
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  17. kebaros

    kebaros Member

    Created the goldcard previously using instructions on unlockr but re-tried with the goldcard creator and then tried the RUU above - looks like its working as it has got past the signature check.

    Strange that it worked using the gc creator, thats for the advice!
  18. Frank_Toronto

    Frank_Toronto Well-Known Member

    Apologies in advance for the noob question. I should have my Telus branded Desire (running 2.1) today or tommorow which I will unlock asap.

    To get the 2.2 update do I need to follow the steps outlined here or is there another way to receive Froyo after it is unlocked?

  19. SwiftFox

    SwiftFox Active Member

    Thx for the info :) Is a gold card setup recommended on the sd card i'd use for normal use? Wil this avoid the need to swap out my sd card for future ota updates or will this cause conflictions between data on gold card patition and data on normal use sd card or would i need to go to debug mode or something with this setup?
  20. teppic74

    teppic74 Well-Known Member

    Goldcards can be used as normal SD cards. There is no goldcard partition.

    If you use a goldcard day to day it's best to have a second one as backup. If for some reason your goldcard fails, and you can no longer boot your phone you won't be able to reflash the phone.
  21. SwiftFox

    SwiftFox Active Member

    cheers, I think ill try gold carding my 4gb card that came with phone and keep it seperate in case I do something to ruin the gold card setup on my 16gb. Thx for all your help well appreciated :)
  22. n00b78

    n00b78 Member

    Thanks so much for this, just installed Froyo to my O2 branded phone and it was easy as pie.:)
  23. SwiftFox

    SwiftFox Active Member

    oh crap i did the 2.1 ruu then ota 2.2 but is it possible to access my old backupdata, backed up using the phones backup system?
  24. vincheesel

    vincheesel Member

    Hi Guys,

    My desire has that stupid Telstra screen during first logon. My phone is currently rooted with unrevoked

    I know this RUU doesn't allow rooting yet... is there a previous generic RUU I can use to get rid of the logo (currently on .75)

    Or is there a way to change the first image without changing the RUU?

    (Sorry N00b question - I couldn't find a clear answer in the thread)

    If I update the RUU to a generic rom - and it fails... will I still be able to get into recovery mode to try and repair this?
  25. danw1million

    danw1million Member

    I have this same issue, I am running Froyo on rooted HTC desire. phone is working well just the very first boot screen still has the telstra image making my eye twitch.

    any ideas ?


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