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  1. fuccillo111

    fuccillo111 New Member

    hi guys. ive searched for days about this problem. i updated, via kies, from froyo(rooted) to gingerbread 2.6.35 uckk4. everything was working great until i couldnt leave well enough alone and rooted via odin3v1.85. once i rooted my wifi will not turn on and my mac address is unavailable!! bluetooth mac was unavailable as well but i turned it on and the mac appeared. so far ive backed up all data and tryed to re-root via odin again. that didnt work,so i did factory reset and that didnt work either. although, when i did the reset it loaded gingerbread, i figured it would go back to whatever was factory, which was whatever was before froyo. im stumped guys please help! thanks in advance

  2. rayhipkiss

    rayhipkiss Well-Known Member

    That version number you have quoted is the Kernel version not the Firmware version. If you can type *#1234# in to the phones dial pad and then post the information back here I'll be able to tell you the correct Kernel to root your phone with. The letter code of the Kernel you've posted doesn't look right to me.

    How did you update to Gingerbread and where did you get the root file from?
    It would also be helpful if you could post what country you are in too.


  3. bennylava

    bennylava Well-Known Member

    Ok I'm having all the exact same problems as the OP. I upgraded via samsung kies, on my Captivate. Model SGH-I897. I'm in the USA. I was on froyo 2.2 and then I noticed samsung's official Kies update program had gingerbread 2.3.5 available so I was excited to get the new updated. Did the update, then rooted, then no wifi. Says the address is unavailable and it wifi never fully turns on.

    As for the info you requested from the OP, here is what my phone displayed when I did what you said:

    PDA: I897UCKK4

    PHONE: I897UCKK4

    CSC: I897ATTKK4

    Build info: Thu Nov 17 11:49:36 KST 2011
  4. rayhipkiss

    rayhipkiss Well-Known Member

    It all makes more sense now. You both have AT&T phones. That's why I didn't recognise the letter code.

    Reflashing the firmware will remove the root kernel which seems to be the cause of both your issues.

    SamMobile Firmware Page

  5. bennylava

    bennylava Well-Known Member

    So basically, we can't root. Ever. Not if we want to run gingerbread.

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