froyo update from telus?

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  1. minzer

    minzer Well-Known Member

    any one know when telus will give htc desires the froyo update? late fall?

  2. samfisher

    samfisher Member

  3. darklide

    darklide Well-Known Member

    Officially from telus the 2.2 update will be in October. Likely around October 15th.
  4. sookster54

    sookster54 Well-Known Member

    That's what I heard too, hope they'll uphold that date. They didn't with BB OS 5 last year, then again I'd blame RIM for that.
  5. TelusMilestone

    TelusMilestone Well-Known Member

    Ya me too!

    There is a huge shortage with Blackberry parts right now. It will delay the repairs big time! Oh can't wait to hear it from the customers lol :p
  6. mixpix

    mixpix Well-Known Member

    I don't care how long, I just don't want a gimped version of 2.2!!!!!!!!
  7. TelusMilestone

    TelusMilestone Well-Known Member

    Exaclty I agree, let them figure out the bugs and we can get it when its running pefect :D
  8. darklide

    darklide Well-Known Member

    The Desire's 2.2 update is obliviously not coming this month.
  9. sookster54

    sookster54 Well-Known Member

    They're probably low on parts because they're recycling existing models as new models with the same components. :p
  10. Onagoth

    Onagoth Member

    I just got my 2.2 update today for my Desire

    So far, seems much faster
  11. Dwnshft

    Dwnshft Active Member

    Well...I am caring less about this update since I the 2.2.1 Telus kernal was leaked on GOT and the new Cronos came out. :D
  12. Enygma

    Enygma Well-Known Member

    GOT was 2.2.1 running on the 2.1 Kernel. They never had the 2.2.1 Kernel. They do now though as the official 2.2.1 is out:)

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