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Froyo Update Thread

  1. Synack

    Synack Well-Known Member

    I'd really like to have this thread be about updates on the latest Froyo builds and news, mostly from what I've seen from jt1134 and Punk Kaos. So if you guys would kindly post updates about what you've seen or heard from these guys on their latest Froyo 2.2 updates that would be great. I'm sure everyone is excited to get these as soon as they're fully functional because we all hate how long it's taking for a Samsung/Verizon official update. So let's make this thread about the latest of the latest.

    Post updates/pics/links/whatever. :D

  2. saps

    saps Well-Known Member

    I like the thought but considering each ROM has its own thread where this is already taking place this seems a tad redundant. Also I think its wise for each thread to have separation since there is a bit of difference between what jt is doing with AOSP and what Kaos is doing for CM6. Themes are different, as are patches. So its a bit misleading to thinking all 2.2 stuff is the same and/or what applies to one applies to the other. If [and dont quote me here because he hasnt actually done anything more than causally say he might] but if a certain someone decided to pursue MIUI again I think that should have its own thread and not interfere with CM stuff or AOSP.

    So great intention by all means. I know personally I update news and finding about either ROM as I get them in the existing threads.

  3. nitsuj17

    nitsuj17 Well-Known Member

    Definitely a nice idea but like saps said there are 2 roms each with there own thread for discussion...combinig it all together might get a tad confusing....those threads have been a good source of info and discussion so far....i think their hone threads at xda are a mess
  4. Synack

    Synack Well-Known Member

    Yes they are. Oh well. Worth a try

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