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  1. SDroid

    SDroid Member

    I think everyone that has been on this Thread has the file now. Great work if indeed it is it!!!

  2. OMJ

    OMJ Bazinga VIP Member

    guys thats off googles servers so its legit. It appears that it flashes the bootloader though so if you like root you may want to hold off
  3. RooRooTJ

    RooRooTJ New Member

    Now just waiting for someone to install and give the OK. my F5 key is worn out
  4. unplugged12

    unplugged12 Member

  5. andrewcweaver

    andrewcweaver Member

    Trident, is it legit?
  6. Shachren

    Shachren Well-Known Member

    Trident, if this is indeed the file, how do we install it?
  7. SparkyXI

    SparkyXI Member

    Excellent work, noob!!
  8. Rammknot

    Rammknot Active Member

    if you dont know what you are doing it is probably best to wait, Trident said as soon as he gets a working file he will release a guide to update.
  9. johnnybirdman

    johnnybirdman Well-Known Member

    Simmer down na

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  10. Trident

    Trident VIP Member VIP Member

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  11. jea2004

    jea2004 Member

    Incredible! Awaiting confirmation and I"m installing it. Wow, many thanks!
  12. swr2000

    swr2000 Well-Known Member

    Stupid question since I'm at work can I navigate to this site on my droid and then download directly to my SD card? I think I can.
  13. Shachren

    Shachren Well-Known Member

    Uh oh, droid life crashed lol
  14. jtavera

    jtavera Member

    LarryR [​IMG]

    for the king!!!!!
  15. Dejuanxg™

    Dejuanxg™ New Member

    Sweet I was just working on the link as wel but I was having trouble finding the old link beat me to it.
  16. tCub

    tCub Member

    What's this all about?

    I got that when I clicked the link.. I hit Proceed Anyway and downloaded the file though.
  17. luckystrike

    luckystrike Member

    So it works and I can install?
  18. Shachren

    Shachren Well-Known Member

    I want a confirmation that this works before i attempt anything. Also, Trident, do we need to rename the file or just drop it straight on the SD card?
  19. Lunchbox88

    Lunchbox88 Member

    Awesome, great find!
  20. luckystrike

    luckystrike Member

    I'm 99% sure you'll have to rename it to 'update' and put it on the root of the sd card.
  21. mexiking713

    mexiking713 Member

    installing now :D
  22. tCub

    tCub Member

    I'd like to know about the security certificate not matching the server before I apply this.. Just being safe.
  23. Trident

    Trident VIP Member VIP Member

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  24. Nexeo

    Nexeo Active Member

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