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  1. Shachren

    Shachren Well-Known Member

    While you newcomers are waiting, why not go make yourselves introductory threads and tell us a little about yourselves?

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  2. madvad

    madvad New Member

    Wondering if I could also get on this pm zip goodness. Pretty please?
  3. rooftopsuicideclub

    rooftopsuicideclub New Member

    looks like i picked the right day to become a forum member.
  4. rocket97

    rocket97 Active Member

    I am guessing that the mods test out the file before they post it to make sure it is legit and won't screw up peoples phones correct?
  5. mexiking713

    mexiking713 Member

    Im new here :D
  6. briggin56

    briggin56 Member

    Ugh, I would trade my fiance in order to just have it on my phone!!!!
  7. WX4JCW

    WX4JCW Member

    Hmmm i came in at a good time i hope
  8. Shachren

    Shachren Well-Known Member

  9. OMJ

    OMJ Bazinga VIP Member

    lol shouldnt be long now
  10. rooftopsuicideclub

    rooftopsuicideclub New Member

    hi, i'm a fairly boring graphic designer and photographer, i like sunny days and walks along the beach, and i really want this zip file.

    how's that?
  11. DroidPwnage

    DroidPwnage New Member

    Same here
  12. greenmyapple

    greenmyapple New Member

    any update on the surprise for real this time?
  13. chauntbuckler

    chauntbuckler New Member

  14. chauntbuckler

    chauntbuckler New Member

    on the pm that is
  15. arwes

    arwes New Member

    LOL pretty sure Trident's not going to PM it to everybody. Just sit tight till he gets back to us.
  16. Trident

    Trident VIP Member VIP Member

    Calm down everyone! Lol.

    I said I MIGHT have something.

    Stand by.. this may take longer than I had expected.
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  17. Shachren

    Shachren Well-Known Member

    When Trident has something to tell us, he'll tell us. Sit back and relax folks.
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  18. Me too, I just become a new member a few min ago.
    about time to become one instead of guest all the times.
  19. WX4JCW

    WX4JCW Member

    I think trident stepped into shark infested waters LOL
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  20. Danielson2047

    Danielson2047 Well-Known Member

    Wow, this release is going to double the size of this forum, look at all the firsties. Awesome!!!
  21. luckystrike

    luckystrike Member

    Trident.. On the internet, Might = YOU BETTER :p
  22. Sparky977

    Sparky977 Well-Known Member

    There are probably young eyes present! Language!

    Oh wait, thats not what I thought it was...
  23. Shachren

    Shachren Well-Known Member

    Jeez, i've never seen a thread explode like this before...
  24. deranged

    deranged Member

    Intro threads feel like the first time at an anonymous meeting.

    Hello, my name is Dustin and I am an addict. :p
  25. Slagg3r

    Slagg3r Member

    Yay sounds hopefull

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