FroyoBread Mobile Internet Trouble

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  1. ojkolsrud

    ojkolsrud Member


    I just installed FroyoBread v023b by doixahn @ xda
    I will ask there as well, but I figured I just as well could ask both places;)

    So, I have problems with my mobile internet-connection.
    It's activated, but won't work! I've tried all the standard menu-based troubleshooting, so I'm guessing it's firmware.

    I upgraded from stock android 2.1

    In Settings>About, here's my phone's data;

    Android version: 2.2.9
    Baseband: XXXXXX015
    Kernel-version: 2.6.29

    And I think I have the E15i version X8 (although i'm not sure, and not sure how to find out)

    What is wrong???

    Also, I've tried the wiping-option in xRecovery with no luck...

    Thanks in advance, please do help.


  2. PpaStrmpf

    PpaStrmpf Member

    Me too having the same problem with WI-FI signal full at stock ROM everything was working well. Installing Floyo 1.0 the wi-fi has gone crazy connecting/disconnecting al the time.
    android 2.2.5
    Kernel ver. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx015 :D
    build number v1.0b
    Would updating Floyo to FINAL v023b ver.solve the problem?

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