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FROZEN GALAXY Siii - turned on talk-to-textSupport

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  1. klbt

    klbt New Member

    Just got a Galaxy Siii and being a bit less-abled, turned on "talk-to-text" so I would know what all the bells and whistles (literally) are about...as soon as I did it froze up and I cannot get response from ANY pages or icons...and when I try to shut down it just reboots itself and turns right back on(saw this in a thread just before mine)...can someone PLEASE help me before I have to pay the $50 for a fix at Sprint?? Thanks:eek:

  2. breadnatty08

    breadnatty08 pain rustique VIP Member

    Welcome to the forums, klbt!
    Moved to the S3 forum for support. :)
  3. Stingray76

    Stingray76 Member

    Swipe two fingers across the lock screen to unlock it. I had the same problem when I tried the text to talk feature.

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