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  1. hhanna77

    hhanna77 New Member

    My LG Optimus ms690 was given to me and now I see why. From all the posts I see on here this phone is a piece of crap. But anyway does anyone know how to unfreeze a frozen screen? I was updating the drivers on my laptop but then I received a notification that a software update was available and I attempted to download it. During the process the screen " S/W Upgrade Do not unplug." popped up and has not went away since. No matter what I do. I have let it die, took out the battery and held down the power, volume down and the home screen buttons and the screen still wont go away. It stays lit up with the same message. :mad: Does anyone have any suggestions :confused: PLEASE HELP

  2. puyow18

    puyow18 Well-Known Member

    I wish someone gave me a phone for free . . . :)
    Anyway, try the unbrick phone method from Joneidy, seen here. Hopefully that helps. The hardest thing was to hold all those buttons at the same time (you may need a third hand).
    And if this doesn't work, give the phone back to the friend. Or I'll take it ;-)
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  3. zeusmp5

    zeusmp5 Member

    your phone is stuck i know cause my phone did the same
  4. hhanna77

    hhanna77 New Member

    thx puyow18 but that didn't do it lol.

    zeusmp5 - What did you do next? Does unfixable mean it's trash or should I take it to Metro to see if they can do something? Have you taking it to them to see if they could fix it? Let me know, ok?
  5. puyow18

    puyow18 Well-Known Member

    Hmm, sorry that didn't work. I'd try taking it to a Metro corporate store and see if they can do anything before trashing it.
  6. mndgme

    mndgme Well-Known Member

    holding the volume down key and home key while pressing the power button doesn't bring up any kind of recovery or anything? I know you wouldn't have a custom recovery (unless ur friend rooted and installed) but something should come.up if the correct button combo is pressed.

    I have 2 optimus' right now and have been flashing and Modding both to hell and I have yet to fully brick either. I have tried to brick one of them and it still is able to recover using lgnst or flashing a new rom after doing the wipe.
  7. meat0255

    meat0255 Active Member

    These phone's have a one year warranty. Give it back to friend have them make up a story/get a new one. The new one's come with Gingerbread on em. All ya gotta do is root it with.Gingerbreak app.

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