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  1. Sschultz2

    Sschultz2 New Member

    Hi,I got this phone for exactly 1 year,no problems whatsoever with it.Until yesterday.While charging,wanted to make a phone call,unplugged it(from PC,but not in drive mode,just charging) and the screen went totally unresponsive.
    Removed baterry,start again,same thing.Noticed that the sound also dissapeared,like the quick short tone when it starts and also when receiving a call,screen shows who's calling but there is no sound at all.
    Tried reboot,factory reset,removed battery and again and again.The little metal clip trick found on other site didn't help at all.The phone shows correct time,network,all seems normal just the unlocking ring doesn't move.Also the power button doesn't come with all the options(airplane,power off and so) it just turns the screen on/off.So to switch it off I have to remove battery.
    I suspect the software update done a few days ago,should have leave it with the old version.
    Someone said the solution is a new RUU.I got as far as
    Fastboot USB on phone screen.Tried a few different Ruu,problem is I don't know which one is right for my phone.
    I bought the phone second hand,unlocked in UK.Not rooted.

    13Jan 2012
    Any help appreciated,thanks a lot in advance!


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