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  1. i5500

    i5500 Member


    just wondering has anyone rooted i5500? if so can you tell me if its gone faster/ had any crashes?

    fruit ninja found it in the market for free it was for my phone like the phone could hack it cuz android usually says not compatabile for this mobile but fruit ninja free i got was..

    but each time i open it crashes and takes to normal option screen report or close? anyone else had the pro

    i downloaded fruit ninja be4r already (if u get me) didnt have problems then..
    tried installing and un

  2. GalaxyEuropa

    GalaxyEuropa Well-Known Member

    as you can see from my device(s) <------------ to the left of this post im runnin CM7 rooted and yes it does run faster and theres only one bug found using it on a daily basis. I dont have friut ninja tho lol :confused:

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