Fruit Ninja - High Scores?

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  1. fdajj

    fdajj New Member

    Highest on arcade is 1416...key is to get all three bananas a few times... I am sure over 1500 is possible but it would be a perfect round with lots of luck.

  2. iHuman

    iHuman Active Member

    Wow, I'm jealous of all of you. The most I ever got on Arcade Mode was 649. Off topic, but there seems to be a difference between Android Fruit Ninja and iOS Fruit Ninja. The Android version seems to lag a lot more than iOS. For example, I opened up Fruit Ninja on my Galaxy S2 and my iPod touch at the same time. Surprisingly, iPod touch opened up first. Then, as I started playing, the Android version also lagged, while the iOS consistently ran smoothly.
  3. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor Guide

    Yup, Fruit Ninja for Android is laggy, Fruit Slice is way faster and smoother.
  4. iHuman

    iHuman Active Member

    Really? I thought Android and iOS Fruit Ninja would both run as smoothly as the other. However, are Android games ported from iOS slower in general? I did another test, and Angry Birds loaded faster on the iPhone 4s than it did on the Galaxy S2 despite how the Galaxy S2 is supposedly faster. I even did it multiple times, and the iPhone 4s consistently pulled ahead.
  5. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor Guide

    This only happens in ported games actually. The thing here is called "optimization". The iPhone developers only have to think of compatibility of two devices, so they are able to optimize the software to the hardware. The Android developers on the other hand have to think of several more GPU's and chipsets and the like for compatibility. All in all I'd expect the HTC and Sony phones to be closer to iPhone experience in playing ported games, mainly because they use the same brand of GPU (Adreno). Samsung does have better hardware, in all though, but that would only be apparent for Android only games or Android optimized versions where they used Samsung phones for testing.
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  6. fdajj

    fdajj New Member

    Alright just got 1543 but I am on an iphone 4s. As far as lag goes, I did play it on my sister's beta motorolla phone (I'm sure it was dual core though it wasn't out yet) and it ran very smooth.....when I used to play it on my iphone 3g it would lag because that phone was a dog and I think my highest on that was 1100 or so. I could see the lag being a problem.
  7. neirao games

    neirao games New Member

  8. XxCOSTAxX

    XxCOSTAxX New Member

    my high score is 1754 am i the best in the world ??? and that is completely legit on an htc thunderbolt
  9. bolski

    bolski Well-Known Member

    Holding blitz means you have to hit at least three fruits in one swipe and get the +3 combo message. You have to keep doing this. You can usually allow one or two fruit to drop after getting one, but on the next, you need to get +3 or more or it resets.

    Once those blitzes added up to 10 (it may be at least 9), you get the +5 blitz. Then, you have to get at least three more +3 combos in a row (again, you miss one or two fruits in between each +3 combo) and you move up to the next (+10).

    +30 blitz is the max. If you can maintain that throughout once you get to it, then you'll get higher scores.

    You'll know when your into the "groove" as you'll hear the drums beating faster in the background and you'll see the arrows moving upwards in the background. As long as those arrows are still visible, it means you still have a chance to get at least another +3 combo to keep the blitz going. The more blitzes you can get, the longer it lasts, but you still don't want to miss any 3+ fruits or you start all over again with the blitzes.

    I truly believe those 1,000,000+ scores are cheating. There's no other way around it.
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  10. Overflowse

    Overflowse Member

    It runs really smooth on S2 too, never had any lag ...despite that I only get about 700 as topscore :cool:
  11. ValY2J

    ValY2J Active Member

    My best on my Iphone was 1087.
    Just got my G2X yesterday and my highest so far is 904

    Happy gaming!
  12. Flaviu

    Flaviu Well-Known Member

    My best is 562 ;-)
  13. thekid127

    thekid127 New Member

    Ok. It is clear to me that each device depending on what model u have, drops a different amount of fruit! For ANDROID OPTIMUS V, they don't drop more than around 200 fruits average.
  14. Momar99

    Momar99 Active Member

    my best is 500
  15. katybrittperry

    katybrittperry Active Member

    mine is 688.. haha! wish to make it more high!!
  16. macfinch

    macfinch New Member

    Think I'm averaging around 500. 3000 + sounds like way way too much. There's a couple of cheats I've seen on youtube though.

    We just finished a kind of Fruit Ninja training game for Android called 'Aim X'. This was the original idea anyway. I'm gonna play it more for the next week or so and then come back to fruit ninja, see if my average score improves :)

    Here's the link:
  17. NouraO

    NouraO New Member

    :) my high score is 729 and i can honestly say it was luck. i mean sure u can try getting the blitzes and all combos and all but still most of it is based on luck
  18. spike4209

    spike4209 New Member

    It's not hard to get a high score. It is just repeated over n over again. Get familiar with a certain game and keep exiting all the way out n starting over. Just remember that wherever you hit the bananas it does make a difference. My high score is 1421. I play the first game that comes up. It starts with two fruit, then 4 strawberries, 3 fruit from left, 3 from right. You have got to stay on top of your combos and keep the bongo music. Good luck. Send me message if U have any questions
  19. SimonBurford

    SimonBurford New Member

    779 in arcade mode! It was a fluke though, I've never gotten that high again :eek:
  20. ljames559

    ljames559 New Member

    My fruit ninja high score 400
  21. spike4209

    spike4209 New Member

    1483 now just keep at it your scores will get higher
  22. log1c

    log1c Well-Known Member

    Did they ever update this game? I know the iphone is different, in the arcade for the iphone they have this last fruit where have to keep swiping as fast as you can before the game is over....I really want that feature for our android phones =(
  23. treb1797

    treb1797 Well-Known Member was last updated 2/1/2011, so over a year w/o an update. Completely unacceptable. Halfbrick Studios you guys rock!!! Way to treat your customers
  24. spike4209

    spike4209 New Member

    So I kept on trying to beat my high score n I beat it with a 1530. If y'all have any questions of how to get a higher score than what you have than send me a message
  25. paxwoo71

    paxwoo71 New Member

    I have a Samsung Galaxy 2s, and my fruit ninja game is different than my friend's, she has an iphone 4s. At the end of every arcade game on her iphone there is a red fruit that you can "slice" fast to get points for how many times it is sliced. This fruit does not exist on my android game. Anyone know why? Just curious. I have the free and the paid version, it's not on either one. :confused:

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