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  1. FidDroid

    FidDroid New Member

    I just got the Precedent last week. Nice phone, cool apps, reasonable price.
    One little problem: the phone sucks.

    I don't have service more times than I DO have service. The phone automatically locks when you make a call (anyone know how to fix that??) and, oh, did I mention the service sucks? It is SERIOUSLY infuriating me. It blows my mind that when I spent $30 on a crap phone, I got excellent service, but when I spent $150 on one, I can barely make calls.

    :::THIS CLOSE::: to chucking it out the window.

  2. cheon

    cheon Member

    It's because all straight talk android phones are running on sprint. I wish they could've gone with att or verizon. Try returning it, most likely they'll let you. As far as the phone locking when you make a call, I kinda get the hang of it pressing the power button, it annoys me sometimes.
  3. xPureEvilx

    xPureEvilx Well-Known Member

    I agree that the service sucks, I have to walk outside to get 1 bar now! I had sprint before I switched to ST and got "ok" service where I live. So Iam not sure that they are using sprints towers....

    Iam not an expert on all the phone signals..... but do they have to use CDMA for droids? Is it a speed thing? and is there a way to make the phone use a diffrent signal?
  4. cheon

    cheon Member

    Straight talk is owned by tracfone which is an mvno, usually they have deals with other network provider and I guess sprint is the only one who went with it for them to expand their market, they have exclusive right to all android phones release on st. I had sprint before I didn't get full bars but I never lost signal. I guess because it's prepaid you don't get priority on their network when it gets busy.

    Net 10 is releasing 2 android phones, I know they use gsm, att or tmobile. But I don't know what network they're android phones are going to be on. If it's att I probably switch to them. Try downloading this app called open signal it'll show you how far you are from a cell tower.
  5. DigThatFunk

    DigThatFunk New Member

    I believe the issue with Straight Talk's service via Sprint towers being worse than through Sprint's actual service is that prepaid MVNO networks tend to not allow roaming, where a subscriber to Sprint would be allowed to roam. This tends to lead to outages where it should just be a weak signal.

    In regards to all the feedback I keep reading about how the Precedent "sucks", when they really mean the service sucks...well, now, who's responsibility is it to research a purchase in advance, if not your own? I read up on the Precedent, found out what network it runs on, checked Straight Talk's service map for Android, and proceeded to make an educated decision about the purchase. The service I receive is seriously one notch lower on a scale of one to ten compared to when I had a Verizon-based ST phone. The only issues I have are in very few spots within my house, and considering I live in the country that is not bad at all. Also, as mentioned above, most people have had no problems returning their phone due to service issues.
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  6. jmc0228

    jmc0228 Member

    I had Sprint before (for more than 6 years) and I can tell you the signal quality is not the same as sprint even though is on sprint's tower. That's probably because what others have said here since we are prepaid and this is NOT a sprint company we are just using their towers, we have a lower priority than sprint users. You have to think that Sprint gives their signal to Boost Mobile, Virgin Mobile, Straight Talk (Some phones), Clear Internet, Metro PCS (I think), and probably other internet services or prepaid companies so because of that their network gets very clogged and some times (to me) the calls drop even if I and the other person stay on the same place (not on the road)

    I had one of straight talk cheaper phones that ran on Verizon's network and I can truly say the signal was better but my phone was 1G or 2G so the internet was useless to me.

    By the way in case you didn't know straight talk so called "Unlimited Everything" is not true. There's a 2Gb/month limit (although others have passed it and survived), and a limit to text messages as well but is a pretty high number. If you over use your data you can get a call (like others have) saying that you are using too much data or they can terminate your service w/o notifying you and they don't let you back in or refund you your money (many have gone through that).

    I just want to give others the heads up and connect to wifi all the time you can.
  7. Corpse01

    Corpse01 New Member

    I Have a friend that has a ST flip phone and way out in rule areas my Samsung Galaxy Precedent will have 1 bar and his will have 6. the problem isnt the network its the phone. it truely needs a better antina, witch I working on now, I just need to find out where it connects
  8. cheon

    cheon Member

    All android st phones run on sprint network only if you're friend has a ST flip phone, then chances are running on verizon, att or tmo network.
  9. CherokeeBlood

    CherokeeBlood Active Member

    it's not the phone itself. The phones do all the thing any Android does. The connection issue lies within the network itself, and the agreement ST has with Sprint. Sprint is the only Cell provider that is still sticking with you pay me for service attitude, where the Verizon friendly phones are on a verizon "we'll take what we can get" attitude, which is paying off for Veizon, as you can see V has a much better network. Sprint is to me a "Microsoft" of the Cell world, they think they can force everyone into their way of thinking.

    I'll put up with Sprint for now, but as soon as ST releases a CDMA phone with Android and Verizon priority. I'll pay another $150, or more to get back to a V network.
  10. PoorBoy52760

    PoorBoy52760 Well-Known Member

    the thing is they dont have access to the FULL Sprint network just BITS and PIECES to be honest ST should have took the deal with verizon for the android phones. cause the service area on android thru st SUCKS!

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