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Frustrating problems with Motorola AtrixSupport

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  1. Ashley1014

    Ashley1014 New Member

    Hi all. Ive been having numerous issues with the motorola atrix. Beginning with my phone being stuck on the "Rethink Possible" screen for a very long while. Iy remains there for about 5 minutes then the screen shuts off, and it starts to reboot all over gain, this time loading without problem. Then once i slide the lock button, the lock button slides then stays on lock screen for an additional 5 minutes before loading to home screen. However the most frustrating problem ive encountered is with the texting. Messages do not send, i have to force close the app numerous times before it starts working properly, and i receive messages very late. I took the phone to be looked at and was told an app killer app i had downloaded was the issue, they uninstalled it and rebooted it for me and told me it should work fine but i have no downloaded apps and its still causing problems. this is the 4th replacement phone i have receieved and im still having many problems, please help!

  2. dbos314

    dbos314 New Member

    How long have you had your Atrix? I got mine in September and I have had nothing but trouble with ZERO support from Motorola! I have come across several people with the same phone and they are all having major problems as well! My problems are related to the multi touch key pad, touch screeen, randomly shuts off, messages wont send, apps force close, etc
    My recommendation is to get rid of that phone if possible before you get stuck like the rest of us!
  3. Amit56

    Amit56 New Member

    I just posted a very similar thread. I am so frustrated with this phone and stuck with it for another yr b4 I can upgrade.
  4. itsallgood

    itsallgood Well-Known Member

    Did you all buy your phones brand new or were they refurbished? Also, just curious were you purchased from too? I have seen on the net that some places were selling bad phones.
  5. Will Denton

    Will Denton New Member

    I was convinced by the guy at the ATT store that the Mororola Atrix was the most reliable top of the line phone and anything that the iPhone can do the droid does if not better. So I got it(about a year ago). In the last year I have had to replace it 5 or 6 times and it was never my doing...until recently...I always password protect my phone and one morning I woke up and certain keys could not be entered so therefore I could not log in to check texts/missed phone calls. I removed the battery, forced shut down etc and nothing was working. Through frustration I figured banging it against the wall was a good idea since I JUST NEEDED MY PHONE TO WORK as I was about to go in to my first day of work. The end result was cracking my screen on top of it all and showing up to work like a poor jerk off that couldnt afford to replace my phone. I am now shelling out the money for an iPhone because I am not going through this hell again. Screw this phone and screw Motorola for not doing a recall on this piece of junk.
  6. kramer13

    kramer13 New Member

    How do i turn off the flashlight. i factory reset the phone and the light is still on. It just rapes the battery.
  7. bmiles

    bmiles Member

    Well I have had my atrix for almost a year and I LoVe it! Even got it used so it could be a problem stemming from an outside factor & not the atrix at all.. every body has a different story to tell but hardly as many people who don't have any problems with theirs come here and post about its goodness, then those who do have problems.. doesn't mean its a bad device
  8. bmiles

    bmiles Member

    Your Atrix came with a factory installed flashlight?

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