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Fs: phantom skin for Epic

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  1. Monsterr

    Monsterr New Member This Topic's Starter

    Sep 12, 2010
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    I have not posted alot on this forum, but have a higher posting on XDA! This is crossposted on XDA also. I also have 100% positive ebay feedback under neonaddiction.

    PS: I don't come on here as much as other forums. If you are interested in this skin, email or Gtalk me at neonmonstarr@gmail.com

    Hey all! I never used my Epic Blazin Blue Chromatics skin because I'm waiting for a good case to use.

    So I have it up for sale!!!

    It includes EVERYTHING that is originally included. ALL UNUSED, only opened the packaging.

    1 Samsung Epic Blazin Blue Chromatics
    2 Matte screen protections

    I am selling it for $20 shipped!!! Message me for more info! They are $30 + shipping from PhantomSkinz!







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