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  1. thefuzz4

    thefuzz4 Active Member

    Hey there fellow Eris lovers. Does anyone know of an app that will allow you to connect to a ftp server that is using sftp? Basically I have a linux box at home that I ssh into from outside and with the ssh I can also sftp files that way as well using a client such as filezilla. I tried using the ftp function of es file explorer (which btw I love that app) but it's a no go because I think that it is just trying to use the standard ftp protocol. Any tips or suggestions are much appreciated. Oh and of course I need to be able to specify the port number that I'm going in on because I don't use the standard port 22. Thanks in advance for your help with this.

  2. jpmoney

    jpmoney New Member

    Great Ftp/Ftps/Sftp app is AntTek File Manager and the AntTek ftp/ftps/sftp Client or on a tablet (not sure about phone) Es File Explorer.

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