Full backup without ROM Manager?

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  1. noamdev

    noamdev Member


    I just received my ace from my carrier. They said they installed a localization package, I see that the android version is 2.3.4, the core is and the build is IZADOR.V.4.FINAL.

    Before installing my own firmware, I would like to completely backup my machine so I can restore it to this state if needed.

    All guides I saw pointed to nandroid, which points to the ROM Manager. However, the ROM Manager doesn't list galaxy ace as a confirmable phone and I see posts here saying that it bricks it.

    The question is, do I still have a way to completely backup my galaxy ace? I have the Superuser app installed on the phone, but it looks like it came preinstalled with the rom. Is that enough? Could someone point me to directions for this case?


  2. noamdev

    noamdev Member

    (For people who will see this who encounter a similar issue)

    I eventually found clockwork recovery and installed it with this guide :

    How to Install ClockworkMod Recovery V5 on Galaxy Ace S5830

    (though I downloaded

    Which I then ran and backed up my image. Is this the same type of backup (rom + apps) as nandroid?
  3. Bakuron

    Bakuron Well-Known Member

    I'd also like to know the answer to the question asked above.
  4. ayush29k

    ayush29k Well-Known Member

    yes, CWM does a nandroid bakup.
  5. Bakuron

    Bakuron Well-Known Member

    OK, I think it's everything except stuff from your SD card. And for that you can use Titanium backup.

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