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  1. DarkSky

    DarkSky Well-Known Member

    Is there any way to turn OFF the beeping when charging is complete? It's most annoying for a light sleeper to be woken up in the night.

    .. and, why does it say UNPLUG CHARGER when it's done charging? My other phones have no problem sitting in their dock all day when not in use. Why does the S2 need to be unplugged? Will it overcharge and hurt the battery?

    Very frustrating...

  2. ozcr

    ozcr New Member

    I found one way to mute the battery full notification on the Galaxy S2 online. You have to download Tasker though. It's a pretty useful app anyway though so buying it wasn't a problem for me. Anyway you have to create profiles in tasker to set the phone to silence itself at just the right moment.
    I found it on Samsung Galaxy S2 Tips - Home in the tips and tricks section. There is also a video tutorial on how to set it up. Hope that helps you get some uninterrupted sleep! =)
  3. Tinderbox (UK)

    Tinderbox (UK) Well-Known Member

    .. and, why does it say UNPLUG CHARGER when it's done charging? My other phones have no problem sitting in their dock all day when not in use.

    It means unplug the charger from the wall socket or turn it off to save energy once the charging is finished.
  4. DarkSky

    DarkSky Well-Known Member

    Thanks! Actually I'm trying to keep as LITTLE 'extras' on the phone as possible. Sounds like a bit of work. My last phone (Droid) had so much stuff left over on the sdcard from old utilities and whatnot. Going to try and keep this S2 as bare bones as possible. Gotta wipe out that useless game hub and music hub too :)

    But if it stops charging the phone when it hits 100% it's not using any power anyway right? On top of that.. it's not like an idle charger uses much energy. Heck, even a charging charger. I've got a dozen other vampire devices plugged in various outlets around the house that take 10X more energy even than an active charger. I think my stupid DVRs use 30W even when NOT turned on.

    So the notice to unplug is just to save 'household power' then, right?
  5. ozcr

    ozcr New Member

    Don't forget you've got a dual core phone there. It can stand to have a few bits and pieces on there. In fact if you don't it's kinda a waste of the hardware ;)
  6. DarkSky

    DarkSky Well-Known Member

    Yah it's not the extra stuff running that I mind. That's fine. I just don't like having tons of icons laying around that I never use on different screens.

    I couldn't BELIEVE the amount of crap the S2 came with, compared to my Droid on 2.1 Maybe the extra was all 2.3 stuff and not Samsung extras.. dunno.

    I'm the same way with a new PC though. I instantly go to Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs and nuke any junk that I won't be using. :cool:
  7. steslatt

    steslatt Well-Known Member

    Is there any way to turn it off, without the use of an app?
  8. SilverDroid

    SilverDroid Well-Known Member

    I dont think there is atm, it cant bother you that much? lol
  9. lotus49

    lotus49 Well-Known Member

    Although I am afraid that I cannot help in telling you how to do it, it is possible because mine doesn't do it and I haven't installed anything to stop it.

    Let me have a look and see if I can work out why not.
  10. lotus49

    lotus49 Well-Known Member

    Like many people, I use my SGS2 as an alarm clock and I also leave it plugged in overnight so the battery is full when I get up. Many people (including me) are very light sleepers and can even be woken up just by the screen lighting up let alone beeping noises. I can get back to sleep easily but some people aren't so lucky so yes, to some people this is a big deal.
  11. steslatt

    steslatt Well-Known Member

    I put my phone on charge last night before I went asleep and the notification woke me up :(

    Not sure if it makes a noise when in silent? Alarm still sounds in silent so this could work for me. Ill have to try it.
  12. GalaxyS2

    GalaxyS2 Well-Known Member

    No it doesn't make a noise in silent but some people don't like having the phone on silent overnight just in case of an emergency.
  13. steslatt

    steslatt Well-Known Member

    Ill do it that way for now, but it would be nice to have a better way of turning it off
  14. lotus49

    lotus49 Well-Known Member

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  15. steslatt

    steslatt Well-Known Member

  16. steslatt

    steslatt Well-Known Member

    I can confirm this works, no noise, no vibration :)
  17. ajh94

    ajh94 Well-Known Member

    I could guess root would be the way around this lol
  18. thedvdmonster

    thedvdmonster Member

    is it just me or does the s2 take a dogs age to charge ?
    my 3g took around an hour to fully charge, i put this on charger for well over 1 1/2 hours today and still only 1/2 battery full
  19. 33t

    33t Member

    this is literally the most consistently disruptive thing i've invited into my house... It's waking me up and is actually affecting my life is a real way. not just some silly annoyance.

    returning it this weekend.

    going back to iphone.
  20. 33t

    33t Member

    okay looked through the entire internet at this battery issue.

    what a joke.
  21. Gearu

    Gearu Well-Known Member

    Anyways on mine I replaced the full charge sound with one of the other sound files. The original sound is dreadfully annoying, I don't want to hear it ever again.
  22. Hawker

    Hawker Well-Known Member

    Install battery charged silencer. A free app from the market.
    Works like a charm. You can even give it a time range as to when to keep its mouth shut.

    Alternatively, if you are on a JKay deluxe theme, you can turn it off via the deluxe settings app. It doesnt turn the vibrate off tho unfortunately, just the beep. The app I mentioned above turns off both
  23. 33t

    33t Member

    ok see that now.

    honestly still annoying and will likely give up on this phone this weekend.

    between this, the crappy MMS, the innumerable USELESS apps the phone comes with, and the shitty contacts interface, i think this phone will eventually drive me nuts....

    it's a shame because the screen and form are so nice.
  24. 33t

    33t Member

    i want excellent email, navigation, MMS, phone, and internet browsing. it's a shame the phone fails on 3/5 of these simple tasks.... good thing it comes with shit like "video maker" "memo" "mini diary" and "books"....

    i mean what the hell is with "navigator" "latitude" AND "maps"????? i'm not a dumb ass and i can figure it out, but seriously.... the final details on this phone were planned out by a clown.
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  25. SebaKL

    SebaKL Well-Known Member

    Just like to share, that most of the devices like laptops, tablets and phones, are not meant to be wired-charge all the time. In fact keeping it plugged reduce the battery life.

    My son, wife and I, all use mackbook pro, we bought 3 machines on the same day. My son's mac is plug all the time, and by now, about year plus later, it won't last without charger for more than 50min. While my wife's and mine, keep pretty much the same life time as we bought it.

    Calibrate Your Android Phone, Laptop, Macbook, iPhone Battery Life - The Tech Loft | The Tech Loft

    and apple's official battery care guidelines:
    Apple Portables: Calibrating your computer's battery for best performance

    Apple - Batteries

    I also experienced that with our Nokia phones. This time is my wife's, her phone is with shortest battery life among us. She leave it on the charger over night at home, take it to office and charge it there all day long. And even tho it shows 100%, it drops to bare minimum within minutes of usage.

    I don't know how that applies to our Galaxy, but I practice the same charging habit as with other devices, for which it seem to work very well.
    Check out the links, some of them explain in details the reasons behind it.

    Best regards

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