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  1. Aurora_77

    Aurora_77 New Member

    Hey guys, I am trying to find a way to encrypt my entire handset. I have the Optimus Elite, standard ROM, and my device is rooted. Android Ver. 2.3.7

    Anyone help me out?

  2. Artine

    Artine Well-Known Member Contributor

    Firstly, welcome to the forums :) Ha! I beat you to it Mods :p Though they'll probably say it anyway after I do.

    Now, onto your question: The short version? You can't encrypt the entire handset. However, there are a few things you can do - but, more specifically regarding encryption, your best bet is using LUKS Manager from the Play Store. It's the TrueCrypt equivalent for Android, and the best encryption app available for Android as well as far as I'm aware (and I'm pretty well aware :p). You can create encrypted file containers which have no backdoors, passwords, basically everything you can imagine - except encrypting the entire handset.

    There are some files/folders/partitions of Android that need to remain unencrypted in order for it to either perform at a minimally-decent speed, or function at all. Also, you'll need to be rooted. Considering this doesn't cause any loss of data and only increases functionality, there's no sense to not rooting this device - just read before you do anything to it, as bricking it is only on you, no one else (as I said - read, and do a lot of it, before doing anything root-related to your phone). However, the advantages and benefits are nigh-innumerable (so again, little sense to not do it, but up to you).

    You may also want to look into the Project Mayhem ROM for this phone. It has some security features and apps, though is a bit outdated. I once contacted that dev about a reboot for the ROM I could do for him. He never posted it, but the reboot can be found here. The reboot, unfortunately, is also outdated. It includes many apps from the Guardian Project, which include an encrypted note pad, a special camera (metadata scrubber with obscure-ability), encrypted messaging app, secure browser, and TOR for Android (encrypted socks4 and socks5 connections, masking your IP address). Also included is LUKS Manager. Considering you inquired as to encryption, I would take a look into TrueCrypt (link provided above) and the TOR Project as well - both are for the PC, however.

    Anyway, I hope this helps you :)
  3. Aurora_77

    Aurora_77 New Member

    At the least, thanks for the reply. But like I stated in the beginning, my device is already rooted. I am looking for some sort of Disk Encryption. I have been reading around about such a thing for the different android versions, so I figured maybe someone here had it for my version, that I wouldn't have to use a custom ROM, android version, etc.

    All of those other apps you mention, I have already, and do not further my original post, sadly. So, again, thanks for the reply.

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