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    When i download apps they ask for full internet access, im a bit unsure as to what this means
    I can only use internet in my home using WiFi as i am currently not on a contract which allows internet
    So does this mean that even when im not connected to the internet using wifi the app will be using internet, meaning that it will use up my credit.

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    Welcome to AF!

    Some (most/good) apps will be polite and only use WiFi. Or, will let you specify to only use WiFi.

    But the permission gives them the ability to use any internet connection your phone has.

    However, if you ever find an app using up your 2G/3G/4G without your blessing, it is ostensibly a bad app and you should email the dev and ask about it. Or, when all else fails give them a bad rating in the market and uninstall.

    Edit: if you want a more detailed look at permissions, of course please feel free to read my Guide here:


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