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  1. Hienikenz

    Hienikenz New Member

    My LG Optimus M was at 189MB. Now its at 120MB.
    This will solve your prob...
    1. Go to "Setting" then "Application".
    2. "Manage Applications" then "All".
    3. You will need to clear the "Data and Cache" on your browser (all browsers), Market, and your Wifi.
    4.Tab on Dolphin Browser and hit "Clear Data and Clear Cache"
    Example: I'm using Dolphin HD Browser (it showed that 32MB) after cleared cache its back down to 5MB
    I'm keeping it simple. I don't want to explain too much.

  2. pmb116

    pmb116 Well-Known Member

    Or you can download a cache cleaner from the market and set it to run on a schedule
  3. starstress

    starstress Well-Known Member

    Also and i know I'm stating the obvious but for those who don't know if you have a customer rom flash a2sd by dark tremor. Cachemate is great too. The actual apps2sd app has a nice cache cleaner to.
  4. DaniellieeE

    DaniellieeE Well-Known Member

    ^^Agreed - best thing happened to my phone was custom ROM & A2sd - gave way more room.
  5. jpr8

    jpr8 Well-Known Member

    I'd like to solve this issue as well. Can someone explain how Flashing a new rom helps this? I haven't had the courage to try a new rom yet but I'm building up to that. I've rooted mine and removed the bloatware so far.

    I guess I could use a bit of an eduction here on all of the benefits of a new rom and recommendations on which to use if anyone has the time to help a noob.
  6. alfick3

    alfick3 Well-Known Member

    A custom ROM is a great way to customize your phone. Several of them allow Dark Tremor's a2sd script (search on the forum or Google it for more info; I'm posting this on my phone so it's hard to post a link). This allows apps and the dalvik cache to be placed onto the sd card and the phone still thinks it's all on the phone. This alone frees up so much space. The script doesn't work with the stock ROM.

    I'm using the CM7 gingerbread ROM from reppard, currently. I have also used bobzhome's CM7 and playfulgod's CM7. All are good ROMs. As far as froyo ROMs go, I used the Aplus ROM and the Sense ROM. Both are good. There are a couple of good threads that describe how to flash a ROM, as well as a recovery.

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