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    Oct 5, 2010
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    I recently switch from Verizon to Sprint, I got the HTC EVO...Used it for 2 weeks or less and took it back to the Sprint store. Reasons: unable to connect to 4g ( I live in Seattle, so I should be getting at least some signal. Intead I was paying $10 for a 4G signal that I was unable to get) second reason, well the battery sucks! 3 hours??? c'mon guys! I don't want to be plug to the power cord for the next 2 years!!!
    Ok...I got something less fancy...A Samsung Intercept...Its pretty, not as nice as EVO. I like the keyboard, and this phone fits better in my small hands. What's wrong with it?? Well, this crap is so slow that freeze! i hate that! If I want to open an application, simply it wont open it! how many applications do I have in my phone?? not kidding...4!!!!
    Ok, I already spoke with the sales representative from Sprint and They're able to switch it again....

    any advice? I love Evo....Is it really worth it? If I get the extended battery will it performe better?
    The sprint guy told me that I can hook up my laptop to my evo and get internet access without paying the internet access ($29.99)
    He also told me that I can hook up my evo to my TV...How does it work?
    What programming are you able to watch?

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    Jul 25, 2010
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    Hi & Welcome to the Android Forums - Seach through the Evo Forums, you will find your best answers there - Cheers....;)
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