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Full retail price?General

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  1. Anyone have any ideas or guesses as to how much this will cost off contract?

  2. xjustmex21

    xjustmex21 Member

    My guess is 500. It's only a guess but it's what I paid for my droid and droid x.
  3. double

    double Well-Known Member

    yes lets all guess about the retail price? i dont even get the question. im not trying to be a d^ck but come on. is there a prize for who gets it closest? it will be between $500 +/- just like every other smart phone they have.
  4. No just to get an idea for how much i need to be able to get it someone always has to have a smart ass comment. But if you feel the need then there is no need to comment i was just asking a question
  5. Droid and droid x are like 559-579 I would assume it would be less than that. The g2 which seems to be very similar is 500 so i was hoping this would be no more than that
  6. double

    double Well-Known Member

    how is people guessing how much it costs going to help you? you have to admit it is a stupid question. not to mention you just answered your own question in your last post. oh well.
  7. because most people have a general idea about it sorry i wasted a whole two seconds of your life damn you didnt have to read nor respond to the post if its such a dumb question. smh
  8. ChiTownJim

    ChiTownJim Well-Known Member

    I'll play $529
  9. Stam2000

    Stam2000 Well-Known Member

    501 Drew

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