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  1. rushmore

    rushmore Well-Known Member

    Update July 13th: The device rarely wakes out of sleep mode and is going back until the issue is fixed. When I did this review, I had NOT yet done the firmware update. Since the update (not sure if that is the reason), almost EVERY time, I have to power the device down to get out of sleep mode. Reset to stock did not help. Shame, since the Thrive is some good stuff. I envy the folks that report not having the issue much.

    End update

    I bought a 32gb model today, mainly because BB did not have any 16gb models, but wanted to get one today (and use 18 month IF).


    • The design is functional and has a nice grip.
    • Built solid (for plastic).
    • Do not like how the sdcard sticks out slightly (probably being picky, since my M11X sticks out a lot more).
    • The power button seems stiff and takes too much pressure to activate. This is especially an issue since the power button is how you wake the device, so not so sure on how durable it will be.
    • The chrome around the cameras seems tacky and unneeded.
    • Power supply is robust and extends about seven feet total. It is in two pieces (no thin short cable like A500), just like a laptop PS, but slightly smaller.

    • Pixel coverage is as good as an IPS panel, so I am not getting the negative points by some folks. The Galaxy and Transformer have better contrast, but the colors on the Thrive look more natural.
    • I see no lines as some have mentioned but do see them on the A500 (I had two of them).
    • The display to me looks better than the A500 and Xoom, of which both are good displays as well- IMO.
    • Touch response is better than the Transformer and seems the same as the A500 (maybe better, but not sure).

    • Honeycomb is Honeycomb, so no big difference from others IMO. I do know that I utterly despise the locked navigator and info bar being visible always and taking display space. We are basically getting cut out of 10% of the display. What is so hard about making a translucent nav bar, or only show it when the volume button is touched?... Heck, ANYTHING except the lame a$$ locked nav bar. I really do not like it.
    • Bloat like NFS demo game and a few others need to be purged ASAP, so hope root is achieved soon.

    • I have had a gTablet since November (no freakin' locked nav bar on that) and an A500. Both to have performed the same, but 3.1 performs a lot better- especially video and Flash.

    • Sounds as good as the A500, but speakers on the A500 IMO sound better. Still good though, for a tab.

    • Even better than the A500 and 3.1 adds more support for gamepads. I have tried 32gb sd cards, 16gb and 64gb thumbdrives and 500gb hard drives. Not tried NTFS, but not expecting it to work.
    • Next step is a 64gb sdxc card (if I keep the Thrive, since also looking at buying a Droid 3- not sure if will keep both, but might).

    • Much better than the two A500s I had (both were unstable in low signal areas). Good range.
    • Works fine with my Incredible using wifi tether :) ... but might get the Droid 3 which has no root yet ... :(
    Battery life

    • After one full charge, it seems to last nine hours with my use (six hours with a little under 40% left), but too subjective to use for any reference. Seems to last the same as the A500 and my gTablet.
    • Fully charges in 1.25 hours with the fast charge tech it uses.

    • The Thrive is a solid device, but the power button has me concerned.
    • I know bad displays (I DO own a gTablet, you know) and the Thrive sirs & mams, is NOT a bad display. Quite the opposite.
    • I hate the locked navigation bar in Honeycomb (sorry for adding that again).
    • The Thrive is purchase worthy, but I would like an answer from Toshiba about the power button design. My guess is if anything fails, that will be what does. Maybe I am over-reacting?

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  2. callmeox

    callmeox Well-Known Member

    I was playing with a Thrive at BB this evening and ran into one annoyance with the browser. I don't know if this is a Honeycomb thing, but I was not able to take the browser out of mobile mode like I can on my Incredible. I dug around through the menus but came up empty.

    Having that awesome screen and a toned down browsing experience on some sites is a real bummer.

    Please tell me that I gave up searching too soon. :confused:
  3. rushmore

    rushmore Well-Known Member

    I use Dolphin HD, since IMO, much better than stock. To change the setting in the stock browser, I think you need to type something in the address line to activate (about:config) not sure that is correct, but something like it then gives more setting options to chaneg the page string to desktop mode.

    Dolphin already has the setting and works better with more web content. Free too.

    Besides a sleep issue that Toshiba reports they are working on fixing, this tablet rocks!

    Higher def vids that choked on the gTablet and A500 work smooth as butter using the Toshiba player. I even tried some resource hogging hidef WMV video :)

    Indexing media is fast and so is the device (3.1 is more the reason than hardware).

    Display looks GREAT with comics :)

    Tons of storage options with no need for a keyboard attachment

    Battery lasts the same as the A500, which is good.

    Wifi is very good

    Charges 100% in less than 1.25 hours

    I was going to return this since probably getting a Droid 3 on Thursday, but will probably keep (or get the 16gb version).

    Assuming the sleep issue is fixed!
  4. callmeox

    callmeox Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the tip on the settings.

    My Thrive is due for delivery today. I hope I don't see the sleep issue but it appears to have visibility on the Toshiba forums so that is a good sign.
  5. rushmore

    rushmore Well-Known Member

    I am returning mine today due to the sleep issue, but may try another and see if the sleep issue is not so bad.
  6. You gave up searching too soon, brother. As pointed out, Dolphin Browser HD seems to be the better browser for Honeycomb (IMHO). The only thing I miss with it is the ability to sync Chrome bookmarks and stuff.

    That said, to get the stock browser to pretend to be a desktop browser, enter the address about:debug. You will see nothing happen, but the browser will go into debug mode. You can then go to "Advanced" in settings and change the UA String to "desktop." Browse again to about:debug to turn off debug mode.
  7. mingkee

    mingkee Active Member

    I am planning to buy Thrive (probably 16GB model) plus:
    1 battery
    1 64GB SDXC (will use FAT64)
    1 TPU case or book case
    I like it can swap battery because there's no returning hassle if the battery reaches EOF. Moreover, I like it supports standard SDXC, but I am unsure can it support FAT64 (AKA. exFAT) because I will put 40GB of music plus 480p videos (ripped from DVD in .mp4 format) and .wmv.
    USB host is another plus for me, but I don't know can I use 3G stick (Option 452) and USB speaker with it.
    It has standard HDMI jack so I can play games on 42" TV though Thrive screen is VERY BIG.
    Should I buy Invisible Shield with it? I read the screen is good at resistant, but be aware credit card can be Gorilla Glass killer (check Vibrant general on XDA).
    I considered...
    Acer A500, even the floor model has a lot of dust under screen, HELL NO!
    Samsung Galaxy Tab, thinness is how it appeals.
    Asus Transformer, I also considered this model, but you have to buy keyboard module in order to gain USB host.
    I think I have to settle with Thrive because I always trust Toshiba laptops (it never fails on me).
  8. rushmore

    rushmore Well-Known Member

    Not sure on the other questions, but report is 128g SDXC cards work.
  9. seechrisgo

    seechrisgo New Member

    I had the issue with not coming out of sleep mode on the first Thrive I got from Best Buy, took it back and exchanged for another one and it is fine--no issues with wake from sleep.
  10. rushmore

    rushmore Well-Known Member

    I temp fixed the issue by unlocking orientation button, leave screen lock on, set wifi to go off with display in battery mode and ALWAYS put in sleep with power button- no auto (unless I forget, but better then leaving display on all the time).

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