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    Nov 5, 2010
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    Sorry if this has been answered already. but, I have the Behold II through T Mobile and when I'm on the road and in certain places I will have full bars but no 3g, or wifi. When I try to send a text it says "Unable to send text, will send once service becomes avalible" When I try to make a call it says service unavalible.

    It tells me I have full bars, and when I go to network selection, it doesnt matter what network i choose or whats avalible it wont connect to it, a message will pop up and say "Network with limited service avalible, search for network" ..if i say yes it just does the same thing all over again, and if i say no it goes into automatic mode and wont let me do anything once again..

    I have full bars, does that not matter?
    If I have to have 3g then why would it tell me i have a full signal when I really dont.

  2. BookLover

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    Oct 11, 2010
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    It's likely you are in an area not covered by T-Mo but rather by a carrier that has the same frequency as T-mo but no service agreement with T-mo, so no service.

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