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  1. redflag89

    redflag89 Member

    I have a XOOM 2 my wife has a acer iconia 210 and my kid has a galaxy tab how do we look at pics from my camera on these? I know I gotta connect a card reader I have done that but can't find the sd card or the pics I know that should be there

  2. Harry2

    Harry2 Well-Known Member

    Do you use a USB OTG cable for to connect that external USB SD card reader to your tablets?
    Or has that SD card reader a build-in OTG cable?

    If so, at least the Galaxy tab should show the pics of your camera's full size SD card.

    At my phone I use a file manager for to show the USB input.
    I open ES File Explorer and tap on Favorites, that'll show me the USB input with a connected thump drive or a SD card :)

    Just tried it with my gallery app QuickPic, had to go in QuickPic's explorer mode and had to choose /root/mnt/usb ... and no probs to show the pics on a SD card in external card reader via USB OTG cable.

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  3. redflag89

    redflag89 Member

    Cheers for reply harry I have no idea what OTG is but I use a standard usb cable for the acer as that has a standard port the galaxy I use a usb extension cable in to the charging port and the XOOM I use a adaptor to use as it has a micro usb port. I'll have a look for file manager on play store
  4. breadnatty08

    breadnatty08 pain rustique VIP Member

    OTG stands for On the Go. Basically it's a dongle that goes from your micro USB input to a female USB input. Like this:
    I'm not sure which of those devices supports one as not all do. One other alternative is to download those pics to your PC and upload them to any cloud based service such as Google Drive, Photobucket, or Dropbox and allow all the devices to access the photos from there.
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  5. Harry2

    Harry2 Well-Known Member

    USB OTG means to force a tab or phone, which has USB OTG ability, in the USB host mode.
    But this has been triggered with coded pins on the microUSB connetor, which has an USB OTG cable.

    So I think you've to buy such an USB OTG cable. You can use it for all of your tablets.
    Or maybe your external USB SD card reader has it build-in in its microUSB connector.

    I've had a quick search ... the Acer tab hasn't USB OTG abiltity, but the XOOM and Galaxy have it :)
    You'd see it in Settings, Storage ... something about USB Storage.

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  6. redflag89

    redflag89 Member

    Dreadnatty I have that already but can't find the pics from the big sd card. Maybe I'm being thick so will have a try again soon. Thanks
  7. redflag89

    redflag89 Member

    Harry so the acer I can't look at my sd card? Thank you again maybe I'll have luck later
  8. Harry2

    Harry2 Well-Known Member

    A review of Iconia 210 said the tab can't mount USB storage (what the USB reader together with your big size SD card would be named).
    But your Xoom and the Galaxy should be able.

    On my phone I don't see USB storage on the stock gallery, I think your's can't too.

    As mentioned above, I've to use a file manager or the gallery QuickPic in its explorer mode for to see pictures on USB storage connected on my phone.


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