Full wipe required for ROM install?

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  1. UnexplainedBacon

    UnexplainedBacon Well-Known Member

    Hey all,

    rooted tonight, and playing with ROM Manager and Bugless Beast V0.4 (Froyo). I'm wondering... when installing a ROM using RM, it asks if you want to do a backup and wipe before installing. I have already done a backup and dont really want to start over with a completely blank slate once Bugless is installed. Is it possible to just install a ROM without doing a wipe first? If possible, should it still be avoided to prevent issues?

    Basically just wondering if a full wipe is needed/recommended before installing a new ROM.


  2. vincentp

    vincentp Well-Known Member

    The general answer is this:

    You should always do a backup, whether you plan on wiping or not, just in case.
    You should usually do a wipe to prevent issues.

    From my experience, with 2.2 ROM's, you really can safely flash to a new one without wiping anything. I've done it plenty of times without suffering any negative consequences. It is still a good idea (for the purposes of knowing that everything's working as it should) to wipe though. Since most of your apps restore through the Market, and other apps as well as app data can easily be restored through Titanium, it isn't too much hassle.

    Feel free to go ahead and do it without wiping though. I doubt you'll run into any problems. Just make sure to do a backup first in case you do.
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  3. UnexplainedBacon

    UnexplainedBacon Well-Known Member

    Sweet diggity, thanks!

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