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Fullscreen picture on the backgroundGeneral

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  1. WildBoar

    WildBoar Member

    May be its a stupid question but when i try to set up a background picture it only allows me to set a part of the picture not the whole picture...
    And the other question what bothers me is about the Navigation... is there any free program which doesnt require a network connection for using it like Garmin for Symbian ?!

  2. knudsen81

    knudsen81 Well-Known Member

    with the wallpaper you need to make the wallpaper in the size of the phones screen.....

    about navigation you can use ndrive navigation
  3. WildBoar

    WildBoar Member

    Ok i set the wallpaper at 320 240 pixels and its the same thing... cant take the whole one. What should the size suppose to be?
  4. teddyjohan

    teddyjohan New Member

    I don't know, but until someone with more insight than me answers, try just downloading one of the original files off the phone, open on your computer and then you'll have the dimensions exactly.
  5. Devo1982

    Devo1982 Well-Known Member

    The correct resolution to save pictures at is 320x240 as previously stated. When you go to change the wallpaper and the small rectangle appears asking you to crop it you can drag one of the 4 corners outwards so that the entire picture is selected. Hope that makes sense...

    Works perfectly on my X10 mini
  6. simmy44

    simmy44 Member

    It still doesn't work for me, even though I select wallpaper that is 320 x 240, I drag the rectangle out to contain the whole image but when I go to the home screen only the centre of the image displays ?
  7. Devo1982

    Devo1982 Well-Known Member

    Ah ok, but if you swipe left or right on the home screen do you see the rest of the image?

    I believe the image is split across 3 screens by default
  8. simmy44

    simmy44 Member

    I'd say it is even more than 3 screens! I have 6 widgets on my home screen so every time I swipe I see a little bit more of the image - but again only the central part there is no way of seeing the upper or lower part :mad:
  9. Devo1982

    Devo1982 Well-Known Member

    Does the full image appear when the phone is in landscape mode?
  10. simmy44

    simmy44 Member

    The screen does not rotate when at the home screen so everything stays the same - when viewing the image in the photo album they are fine, a nice, clear full picture - it's just when you select to use it as wallpaper it seems to just enlarge - I think it is something to do with the widgets like you suggested, I reckon if you probably only had one widget installed it may be okay - but what good is only having one widget on your home screen!
  11. knudsen81

    knudsen81 Well-Known Member

    on all my android devices the wallpaper is spilt so a bit is on all screens
  12. Bexy

    Bexy Well-Known Member

    I believe, on the X10 Mini (i dont have one, I have the full size one and was gonna get my partners mum one) that, because of the small screen space, while the X10 has three screens, the X10 Mini has unlimited screens because you can only have one widget per page.
    I would have thought enlarging the square around the image you want would have done it though. If you select a smaller area of the image, does it just show the center again, or the bit selected?
  13. Devo1982

    Devo1982 Well-Known Member

    You can have more than one widget per page if you use a different launcher. I'm using Helix and have 4 widgets on my main desktop screen on the mini
  14. Inovidable

    Inovidable New Member

    I have that problem aswell.
  15. dalyla

    dalyla New Member

    for the fullscreen pic on the background, u can use wallpaper wizardii..it really works

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