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  1. haz3lnut

    haz3lnut New Member

    I just got my IncS last week and so far I absolutely love it, but I am having a few difficulties - nothing major, but minor annoyances that I'd like to clear up. I realize some of these have probably been posted about before but I haven't found the answers I'm looking for so I figured I'd try myself.
    1. First of all, when I get a text from a number that isn't already in my inbox (but is in my contacts), it takes anywhere between a few minutes to a few hours for the phone to recognize it and replace the number with their name.
    2. Secondly, about half to three quarters of my contact list when texting has their number in bolded blue, which links to a 'verify number' screen on which I've tried every option to no avail.
    3. Finally, just recently I noticed that when in portrait mode while texting, while typing in search bars and other things like that , I have the same problem many seem to be complaining about while in landscape mode where it goes fullscreen (ex. in texting, it hides the conversation as well as the send/attachment buttons, much like how people find theirs in landscape) - however, in landscape i get the send/attachment buttons still onscreen. It was not originally like this , it's just something I've noticed over the past few days.
    So while I love this phone and none of these make me rethink my purchase, they are irritating and make me sad considering i'm already having problems within the first week of having the phone. Thanks in advance !

  2. haz3lnut

    haz3lnut New Member

    Oh , and if it matters, I'm currently running android 2.3.3 and sense 2.1 - no update for me here in Canada yet !

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