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  1. kumar abhishek

    kumar abhishek Well-Known Member

    From last night my funbook got restarted and it got reset itself and after that when I try to install apps it says no internal memory!! When I opened settings it was showing total internal memory zero which was initially 2Gb :(. After I restart it again resets. Any help will be appreciated!! :eek:

  2. saivignesh

    saivignesh Well-Known Member

    lol lots of problems in funbook
    "funny book"
  3. ninadchaudhari

    ninadchaudhari What's up !

    That's funny :D

    try manual reset !
    i mean ,
    from settings > etc. !!
  4. kumar abhishek

    kumar abhishek Well-Known Member

    Reset was not working. I visited service center and they resinstalled software.
    Now its fine
  5. mainak6434

    mainak6434 New Member

    I am having the same problem. phone memory not detected and evry time i restart it just resets itself. Did the service centre fix it immediately?? Did u visit the normal service centre or is there any service centre specialy for fun book..
    Please help. Got it yesterday itself.
  6. kumar abhishek

    kumar abhishek Well-Known Member

    Visit normal service center. Thery will fix it in few minutes :)
  7. mainak6434

    mainak6434 New Member

    Meaning the normal mobile phone service centre's itself??
  8. N3RDKaushik

    N3RDKaushik New Member

    I also had the same problem in my Funny-book.... It has a special DATA2SD script in it which lets it to store data in the internal partition they have provided. In general companies provide a NAND of at least 100MB and it goes upto 2GB or 4 GB NAND. But funny-book doesn't have a NAND more than 54MB. Their script lets it use DATA2sd which stores all the data internally into the storage of 2GB. This script gets corrupted when a sudden restart or a sudden boot is done or happen automatically.
    The only solution for it is, either if u r proficient enough then flash a new recovery(CWM preferred), and then flash either a STOCK ROM of micromax(Available on XDA). A bit of googling would do.
    Else just take your receipt of purchase and go to the service center and they'd do it for u in 20 minutes.
    I chose the latter method because the funny-book is of my dad and he is a bit insecure when I m with his funny-book :-D

    Suggestions that it shouldn't happen again :-
    1. Use advanced task killer and do not let extra task to be run in background. It helps in maintaining around 160 MB free.
    2. If u r on a better level than novice than use titanium backup.(Before installing it, you'd require to download new busybox form market).

    2.1 Freeze:-
    1. Maps,
    2. All the bloatware from micromax like elearning, entertainment, mistore etc.
    3. Don't install any stuff which asks for automatic reboot(They might corrupt your DATA2SD script).

    Got any doubts, feel free to ask....

    If I helped I definitely prefer appreciations :)
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  9. pradyumnacster

    pradyumnacster New Member

    * is it possible to replace the corrupt data2sd script with a proper one like from data2sd zips. (I dont want to flash cause i dont have app data backed up.)
    * btw can you give me the exact location of this script you are talking about?
    * Also, I cannot install anything in my tab coz there is no internal memory.. . cannot install cwm from tablet itself. Even installing from adbv wont work, would it?
  10. N3RDKaushik

    N3RDKaushik New Member

    I m extremely sorry, but I wasn't able to extract the data2sd script from the tab....
    You can only do one thing, that you can manually copy all your data in external card.... But you won;t be able to save settings.... Just go to nearest service center and say, "It restarted and now I can't install anything.... :-D" Rest they would take care....
  11. adityadeva

    adityadeva Well-Known Member

    I faced the issue and flashed ClockWorkMod as given in allthings root. then I flashed the book with Jetmod5.0.1 by varun. now it is working ok. I generally use go launcher. but go widgets are not mature for ICS so I am sticking with the stock launcher in the rom.
  12. pranavb05

    pranavb05 New Member

    my funbook memory is showing 0 so i installed funseries v3.0 on my funbook it replaces funbook boot logo and everything ithink iam voided the warrenty can any one please upload original firmware pls help me im verymuch obliged to you pls

    thank you
  13. aadu

    aadu Member

    there are many problems in funbook.. my friend funbook display is blinking..
  14. dj6283

    dj6283 Well-Known Member

    my funbook also have many problem speaker failed 3.5 mm jack failed.flashed atleast 15 times in last 6 months still unstable

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