Funbook is rooted!!!!

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  1. kumar abhishek

    kumar abhishek Well-Known Member

    Guys funbook is by default rooted u can do any changes in it without superuser!!!!! :)
    For full root access download superuser and update su. :)
    Enjoy root:p

    Thanks for my gr8 find ;)

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  2. aramoney

    aramoney New Member

    i noticed while connecting to adb shell.
    thanks MMX !
  3. D3odex3DAyusH

    D3odex3DAyusH Well-Known Member

    This is strange but cool LOL!! For the first time mmx has done something beneficial!!!!:D:D:D ;)
  4. arunrawat2112

    arunrawat2112 Member

    guys anyone bought funbook P275? its not pre rooted and it doesn't have volume keys even means very difficult to root

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